My online journal is 16 years old. Let's party

July 25. 8pm. #HUBRIS16

We're going to have a really good time together.

I'm throwing a party for my online journal because it will be old enough to have sex legally, and that should be celebrated. Can you even remember 1999? does, in ridiculous amounts of detail. Come create more memories with me and some other good people. Bring booze if you're into it, and bring your friends if you're into them. The dress theme is "My favourite Joanna story". That's right, the theme is all about me. The site is called Hubris for a reason. As usual, there will be delicious food and great mood lighting. The amazing Eaton Mess (aka Miss Starla Jo) will be there visiting from Australia. You'll get to pat Florence and Sebastian if you're into cats. I'll make sure there's a quiet-ish space if you're anxious or just would like to chill out. I might even fold the toilet paper into a triangle to try and impress you. Please do come along, it would be ever so fab to have you there.

  • Dancing
  • Drinking
  • Pashing
  • Enjoying yourself

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