The Date Speaks

Friday the 13th

(written when very drunk – I’m suprised I can read it to type)

Good sense would suggest that perhaps that bottle of red shouldn’t have gone down
QUITE so fast, but hey! I was dancing, dude!

Wow, I can’t believe how cool Kate is. I mean, I told her about the aloof thing, and she
was fine with it. Then I told her about Matt and she was so sympathetic. I can’t believe
she fell for someone off a bulletin board. SIMON DARBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse me while I try to take my boots off.

Okay, so I was at Katherine’s End of Exam Party. Personally, I have never liked the chick
but a party’s a party. My mind is going to fast for my brain, no wait, that’s
Hands, to keep up. No socks, this is a good thing. Fuck I love my red tshirt.

Shirley and I got really lost but I found our way cos I had all these Ellerslie flashbacks.
LIVING WITH MATT EEEEEEEK. (God, will I be able to read this in the morning?)

I quaffed red wine and danced lots. This chick comes up to me and was like “I moshed
with you at the Feelers”. I immediatly and bizzarely thought she was Nicola (Asian) then
remembered so we hugged and she was like “you GO girl” and danced. SPICE GIRLS.
Tutorial D convened in the corner. I so love Kate.

I have to say that the weirdest moment of the might was when this guy grabbed me around
the waist from behind. It was a fully sexual moment. The last guy who did that to me was
Current Infatuation Boi – and I so should have gotten with him then but I stupidly didn’t.

Anyways, when I told the Dsters, they were all like “Was it the guy in the Hawaiian shirt?
He did it to everyone. You could have erotically danced with him”. Sure, cheapen my
moment. I didn’t turn around so I don’t know who it was.

Clayton and Gayle were SO cool. Thre’s my special mention. And the KFC. Shirley so
laughed at me, but that’s okay, telling her about Car Moments. I’m so mean to her. I
should stop. So drunk going to pass out



oh like my towel

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