Shopping and snorting

Monday the 14th of December

Mum had to wake me three times this morning before I dragged my lazy ass outta bed. I’d been dreaming about being in Hamilton again, and it was really weird cos (can I say this without being beaten to a bloody pulp?) I was hanging out with Young Sarah, and I was fully loving her. I guess wanting to sleep is what you get for staying up til 3am talking to weirdos (yes, that’s you) on ICQ. Anyways, it was worth getting up, cos I went Xmas shopping with Momma. After doing James Smith (and fuck he was good!), and picking up $100 cash from Andie for two days at the Bakehouse while there, we went for lunch at Felix. I ordered a passionfruit muffin, but I think the fates were aligned against me, cos it came out with about a half a cup of icing sugar dumped all over the top. Sure, that might not sound that bad, but I’m telling you, it was! The sugar pouffed off everywhere, covering the table, and nearly choking me to death. I couldn’t clean it up, either, not with five serviettes. Maybe it’s anal, but I’m always so mortified whenever I make a mess in cafes, like I’m a bib-needing baby or something. I guess the other way I could have played it was to pretend to be a coke baron, totally in the money. But nah, I was with my mother, and I doubt she would have appreciated it. And besides, after snorting salt once (hey, we were in a military base early morning, we’d been on a broken down train all night and I hadn’t had one iota of sleep and well…. it seemed like a good idea at the time) there is no way I would snort non-illict substances.

Ummmmm so what did I buy? Well, I had the brilliant idea of getting Momma a voucher for a CLASSY haircut from Rodney Wayne, so I got my daddy the Bad Jelly the Witch cd – apparently NZ’s the only country that loves it! I also got him a tie from a trendy op shop, which was $4.50 and therefore kinda expensive. The only good thing about Mount Roskill was the baptist church shop there, which I do believe I was responsible for keeping in business. Anyways, back to my Xmas shopping. I got Anji some underwear from Farmers (classy classy) for her birthday which is on Boxing Day, but no Xmas pressie, cos I just couldn’t think of one. Momma bought me a cool top from the markets which she’s going to give to me at Christmas – it’s embroidered with a large flower, which according to Fashion Quarterly, is THE motif of the season – as I pointed out to Mum, Butterflies are SO last spring. Then we were passing Mischief (the NICEST, FRIENDLIEST shoestore ever) and I reminded her she’d said she’d buy me some shoes, if I could find some that I wanted. So we trotted in, and I picked up a pair that I fancied, and said to the guy “You probably don’t but – do you have these in a size 11?” (don’t mock my shoe size without remembering that I am six feet tall!). Wonder of wonders, they did! So I popped them on, and instantly loved them – we were in and out of the store in 5 minutes, almost. The shoes are black wedgey slip ons, with like, almost platform soles. They’re so trendy you must have seen them around. I liked them cos they were comfy, they fit, and they’ve got to be cooler than my boots. We also got a free inflatable alien with them, that’s lime green and two feet tall. I walked through Manners Mall with it sticking out of my bag, and everyone gave me funny looks. They also yelled out things like “HELP! I’m being abducted”. Ho ho ho. So yeah, that was the shopping. I love Xmas. It’s such a cool time of year.

What other stuff did I do? Well, it was Make Out Monday, so naturally, I was glued to the TV set – except I don’t get to see Savannah cos Neil wants to watch the news at that time. Malibu Shores was SUCH a piece of trash, even by Spelling Standards. Choooice! And Melrose just gets better and better.

I also found out that I won some stuff from United Video – YAY, even if it is only a lost in space tshirt, a swingers soundtrack, and some vouchers. Free stuff is always good. I only won it cos I was trying to help out people put a proposal together for why United needs a new website, so yay, that rocks. Another exciting email I got was from a website saying they’d publish something I wrote – double Yay. Oh look, no link. Go Fish!

That’s all. Only eleven days to get your xmas gifts to me, so get cracking!

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