Waking Up is Hard to Do

Wednesday the 16th of December

I slept in until 3pm today. What does that say about me? That’s cool, cos I loved it. The trouble is, that since my room’s at the front of the house, so in the mornings it heats up a lot. I wake up in the heat to open my windows, stretch out and go back to sleep, with my arms still above my head, in a stretch position. So when I wake up three hours later, they’re all numb from lack of blood. It’s probably not the best way to start the day, eh? Still, it’s better than the other morning, when I thought I could open the door for Pixie and still stay in bed. One arm managed to reach out and lean on the wall, but when the other arm reached out for the door handle, everything went horribly wrong, and I ended up falling head over heels onto the cork tile floor, taking all the covers with me. More than a little dazed, someone I reached up and opened the door. Pixie got one hell of a fright when she came in to be nose to nose with me, I tell you. But probably not as much of a fright as I got, falling smack on my ass.

But yeah anyways, like I said that was another day, and I do believe we were talking about today. The good thing about waking up that late is that the sun is at the back of the house, where one of the bathroom windows is. Since the window’s at head height in the shower, the afternoon sunshine comes in to turn the water into liquid diamonds and rainbows, and it’s just the coolest thing in the world to wash in. It’s like being a faerie, rather than just a lazy bitch in the shower.

After that, we headed down the hill to buy our Xmas tree – YAY! I love the whole tree aspect of xmas. In fact, I love almost everything about Xmas. The more commercial, the better, I say. Some people are all like “but we’re forgetting the whole religious aspect of it” – well, GOOD! What it comes down to is that Yuletide was celebrated a long time before all the Christian stuff came into it, as a way to brighten up an otherwise bleak winter. In my opinion, anything’s a good enough reason to over-indulge and get lots of pressies. In Japan, there’s a day called White Day on March the 14th that was INVENTED by a chocolate company. It’s kind of like Valentines Day, only women are expected to give stuff to men on it. Go Go Commercialism, I say. Personally, I’m hoping that sometime in the near future, there’ll be an International Joanna Day. That’d rock.

So yeah, the tree got trimmed in the evening, and all that fun stuff, cos Karen came over. There was a Father Ted Xmas special (which was a repeat) that was bloody hilarious. Karen and I pissed ourselves at a joke shown in the ad for it, then laughed even harder when it came up in the program, which is kind of unusual. She wouldn’t let me put the plastic baubles on the tree, which I guess is fair enough, because we have so many pretty glass ornaments – bubbles in all different shades. The tree is probably one of the most classically shaped trees we’ve ever had, since we left Germany. It’s pointy and full and superb. It was $25, which is a little more expensive than trees normally are, but it was worth it. Once in Japan, me and Mum paid $200 for a tree. I’m not allowed to tell anyone that, so we’ll keep it as our little secret, okay?

My grudge page seems to be doing pretty well for itself. Matter (his name is Matt, but since he’s not THE matt, I don’t want anyone getting confused) from Vision said he’d do a cgi-script or something for me, so that I don’t have to have it in the ugly dreambook, I think he’s just doing it to make me feel inadequate. Yes, I don’t know hardly any HTML at all, and yes, I do most of my pages in Frontpad (this one’s being done on Dreamweaver, but it’s my first) but I don’t make my life out of designing webpages, okay? I do put my life into pages, but the pages aren’t my life. Does that make sense? I dunno, maybe I’m just being too ungrateful. I mean, I do appreciate him putting his time and effort into it and all, so mmmmmm. Yeah. Get in contact with me. I like feedback, and you have so many opportunities to do it.

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