18 December, 1998

Friday the 18th of December

I got up today before 11am, out of my own gumption. Are you impressed? I guess the loud mixer going in the kitchen added a little extra inncentive, but that’ll be our little secret, okay? Mum was making the desserts for the Bakehouse Xmas party we’re having on Saturday night,so I helped her with those. We made a biscuit log

  1. whip cream with icing sugar and cocoa
  2. dip biscuits in sherry and sandwich together with the cream in a long line
  3. leave it in the fridge for at least a day
  4. cover with more cream and chocolate
  5. serve in slices cut on the diagonal

it sound simple but if it sits for long enough, the biscuits turn into really rich cake and it’s absolutley gorgeous. Don’t tell me that this journal never does anything for you!

We also made rum pudding, which is super nice and is basically just eggs, cream, sugar and lots and lots of rum. I have such weird memories of food. Like for example, one time we were staying in a hotel in Austria, and I got left behind for half a day everyday while the rest of my family went skiing. Although I couldn’t have been more than four, I was a really good skier, but just was too young to last the whole day. Anyways, I think there were two other kids in the day care, and one day, the woman that was looking after us took us in a special lift right into the hotel kitchen, and we were each given a bowl of something that tasted like rum pudding. It was like the yummiest thing I’ve ever eaten. I tell you, my memory is probably too strong for its own good.

But yeah. So that was the morning. I did three hours at Leonie’s again, doing more typing and more cateloging. It’s easy work, except that my wrists started to get a bit sore, which probably isn’t very good. Just so long as my back doesn’t get fucked up again like it did in September. That was such hell. I thought for half a day that I had haemarroids cos it hurt SOOOOO much to sit down, before Karen asked me “what sort of chair do you use?”. Since the answer was that I use a chair whose back had broken off, I figured it out. Fuck it was good to not have haemarroids!

In the evening, I dropped Mum in town for Neil’s Xmas party, and went back home to veg for a while. Around 10pm I went into Smacksalot, to wait for the olds to call me for a ride. The place was hella busy, but since Joseph and Mark were there again, I went to sit with them. I was going to order dinner, since Mum had given me some money, but then Anji plonked a plate of thai chicken down in front of me for free… Yummmmmm. Steph was crying, so I think she’d fully fucked up an order or something. She got happy again after a couple of drinks, and I sat listening to her and Siobahn’s stories in absolute hysterics.

A friend of theirs was with a guy with a really small penis one time. Eventually she said to him “Can you stop fingering me and get on with fucking me please?” He was like “what are you talking about? I’ve been going hard for the past fifteen minutes”. Whoops!

So that kept me entertained for a while. Gregor came and sat with us too, and I asked him if he was still at IBM, which he was. He asked me if I was still in school, and I was like “No – I was at AIT in Auckland all year”. He was like “FAAAAAAAAARRRRK I’m out of touch”. It was really funny. As soon as Anji finished her shift at like 11, she went shopping with Aaron, since the Markets were open till midnight. I didn’t mind staying in Axolotl though, since I know all the staff, and the lads were still there. But then they decided to go play pool, and asked me to go with them. Well, I’ve always had a tiny crush on Joseph, and I figured Mum and Neil wouldn’t call me until midnight, so I agreed. I asked Steve, the owner, to tell my parents I’d be back in half an hour if they did call, anyways.

But then Joe and Mark decided to go to Coyote instead of to play pool. There I was, in like my derelict too baggy jeans, an op shop dress that isn’t very styley, no makeup, my glasses perched on top of my head, a useless bra, and a wallet that was too big to go in my pockets. Sigh. So I looked like crap, but I still went anyways. There was an awesome house dj playing in Coyote, so I went as hard as I good being sober, poorly dressed (jeans falling down) and carrying my wallet. I stayed for about twenty minutes, leaving after they played Armand’s Startrucking remix of Proffesional Widow. That’s like my all time favourite song to dance to in the whole world. I only wish I could’ve stayed longer, had been drinking and looked better, cos Joseph was really drunk. HAHAHAHAH fuck I’m traj.

So I went back to Smacksalotl, and just had time to order an iced chocolate from Louise before my parents rang. The perfect crime. They never had to know about my detour. Rock On! So that was the highlight of my night. Oh joy, drunk potters and other assorted loosers at my house tommorrow. Oh Joy, my mother stressing over cleaning. Oh double joy, MUm drinking and spading Paul!

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