Handwritten/A Real Sandwich

I was baking in the temperature of my room when Mum came in at 12pm and asked if I was going to Anji’s or not. It gets so goddam hot with the sun coming in and all. Plus last night I’d pulled the heavy duvet over me too. Ah well. So anyways, I got up, showered, put my makeup on and all that good stuff. Mum dropped me off in town and I went straight into the moonlight lounge. The flat was deserted, but I found them all out the window, on the fire escape, basking in the sun and jealousy of passers by. It was only the flatmates there, having a champange breakfast to celebrate Anji’s (26th) birthday. It was soooooooooo hot in the sun, but so nice, with bubbly, fresh bread, humus and cheese, strawberries and melon. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We sat out for like, less than an hour, but it was the hottest time of the day, and the two glasses of bubbly made my head go all funny. Siobahn showed up and we eventually headed inside, thank god. I was practically falling asleep. Crazy Steph came too, and Louise, and umm. I think that’s about it. We all sat around drinking more, and most of the flatmates buggered off. I was lying on the bed in the lounge, and since Anji was dangling her legs in my face, I gave her a foot massage. Then I gave Steph one too, cos she asked. I’m such a good bitch.

I rang and rang and rang Jo all day long, but the biarch was geeking, so I couldn’t get ahold of her til like 3pm. Eventually though, she showed up, we did introductions, and with wine, she settled down to speedily win Anji and all her friends over. Siobhan might be moving to chch next year, so they exchanged numbers. I learnt faaaaar too much from Siobhan today – she was telling us all how big Aaron’s dick is. Apparently, his girth is similar to a 500ml 7up bottle. He chefs in the kitchen at Ate (8 Courtney Place) if you wanna find out for yourself.

So yeah. We gossed, and drank, and drank and ate chocolate and drank. Jo and I danced some, because we had to. We also rolled glitter all over ourselves, since Anji had given me rose-scented roll on glitter for xmas. And I took her up to see the gimp attic. She tried to suggest that people could live up there. Girlfriend, did you not feel the temperature? SOMEONE was OTP.

The lads showed up eventually, and everyone was going to go to town, but I felt kinda woozy – I guess that’s what the sun and the bubbles will do. Luckily, Jo said she didn’t feel too shit hot either, so we rang home and Daddio came to pick us up. I made pasta with sundried tomatos and creamcheese sauce to satisfy a carbohydrate and creamy craving. Then we went and played with my scanner. Mmmmmm. All I can say about that is that it’s all JO’S FAULT! Just be grateful I’m probably not gunna post the pictures.

Sitting outside while she had a cigarette, we decided to go and explore the bush behind my house (bush as in Native Forest, rather than a little shrub). Nevermind the fact that it was dark and stuff. So we booted up, and I changed outta my shiny skirt so that I was all comando like in black, grabbed us a fantastic torch and my camera, and headed off for our bush adventure. Did I tell you what the torch was? No? Well, it was THE ILLUMINATOR – as in “I am the illuminatoooor” (said in an Arnie voice). It’s funny, okay?

I haven’t been in the bush since I was like 12. We decided to stick to the path, since it was black and nighttime, and since the bush goes up a messy hill and all. So we followed the trail from across the troll bridge down further to where three concrete beams cross the stream again behind the Bretheren house. I never ever used to be scared walking across those – it’s only like an eight foot drop, but I guess I’ve lost the fearless agile attitude kids have. But that’s okay. I shuffled my way across in the torchlight. We used up all the photos left on my camera, so that’s good. Soon we’ll be able to make half of our adventure page. Back at home we netted for a bit, cos we are geeks after all, then I stuck her in the spare room upstairs – (poor thing probably had to hear my daddy snoring – he snores like a rutting wild boar – i can hear him from downstairs sometimes) and went to bed. I’m reading a book of short stories called Disco 2000 – I love it. It’s also sorta scary, thinking about the millennium and all. Like, I don’t buy into the end of the world theory – but I DO need to be at a happening party when it happens.

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