Thursday 14; January, 1999

Oh yeah, last night Si, Si’s mommy and I went for dinner in Parnell. We were walking down the road when all of a sudden someone streaked out of a cafe, ran up to me and hugged me before I knew what was happening. It was Derek – YAY! So we had a chat, and I was really thrilled to learn that he is coming back to AIT this year after all. Faaaaaaaantastic. And so is Trudie. Now all we need is Tasha and Rochelle to come back too and we’ll be sweetassbro.

The cafe we went to was really really crap, but Simon’s momma paid so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Anyways, back to Thursday.

Ummm we went to town and sorted out Bank Stuff, then we went to Victoria Park Markets which SUCK, then met my parents at my storage unit in Three Kings to help them unload all my stuff. I’m so going to hire a moving truck to move it all into our flat. Fucked if I can be bothered carrying all those boxes!

So yeah, Thursday was really boring. OOooh wait, I saw Tom Larkin walking past back at the motel, so I realised that Shihad were staying there too. They were in a unit across the courtyard from us. Si kept going to check his washing so that he could walk past them. Mmmmmm Jon Toogood. And apparently another welly band – probably the Hasselhoff Experiance were staying there too. They were noisy waaaaaay into the night. We talked about going over and being groupies, but then I chickened out. Probably if Jo had been there I woulda gone.

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