An Invitation

Monday 25; January, 1999

Yay, I had a stalker today. Right before Shortland Street, someone rang my cellphone three times. I could hear what I think was a female breathing in the background. Rock on. So that was amusing. Maybe that’s because I put my number in my ICQ information. Oh well, let’s tempt fate. 021 21 27 920. Sorry, I don’t know how to call that from overseas.

Mum had to ring me on it, cos Si was on the net all day. (Well, I was too – but not for as long cos I had to clean and cook and stuff – oh, is that backstabbing? Sorry, I don’t really mean it). Annnnnnyways, so here’s the deal with Karen – and thanks to all of you who have asked and sent well wishes and shit.

She took two days off work last week because she felt sick, and on the third day she went to the doctor, which is something she hardly ever does, and he told her to go straight to hospital cos she was running a fever, and there’s something wrong with her ankle. Apparently her blood is doing something wrong, related to her liver failure and CF. She’s going to be in hospital until like Wednesday, but probably won’t be able to go back to work for a long time, because obviously she can’t stand on her ankle. So yeah. I guess Mum probably doesn’t know the whole story, because Karen’s pretty secretive, but she seems to think Karen’s okay – just bored. So I guess that’s a relief. I still wish I was in Wellington.

Our bath curtain has fishes printed on it, and it smells like new PVC. Mmmmm. I pretty much gave up on the bathroom today. It’s superficially clean anyways.

I so need a job. I was going to ring up about telemarketing, but yeah – the phone line was in use. Besides, it’ll probably be like a long way away, and I haven’t got a car and all that funky shit. Simon’s thinking about going to Wellington like the day after tommorrow, which’ll leave me all alone and like, semi-frightened. Oh, and then Layton will move in, and that’ll be stink – having to talk to someone I don’t think I have much in common with. But hey, I might be pleasantly suprised. Hopefully. Or I’ll find friends. Or I’ll get stalked and murdered – which’ll at least make a good story for the journal.

Yay. ‘The future stretches ahead of me like a black highway”. Okay, that’s not an exact quote, but DAMN T2 was a great movie.


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