Blister in the Sun

Wednesday 27; January, 1999

I was woken up by the sound of my cellphone ringing in the lounge, where I’d left it. That pissed me off, cos I expected it to be someone ringing about the flat advertised at AIT (which is obviously filled) but instead I was pleasently suprised to have a message from Shirley, telling me to ring her back cos we were going to Piha. I love it when people take charge of my life. So I made Simon get offline, rang her, and went and put on some clothes. We went back to her house to ring other people, but no one was able to come and play. However, she did feed me a donut and a rocky road bar (breakfast of champions) so that was okay.

Piha is miiiiiiiles out, like beyond the west of the west. It was such a nice drive, although I got a little stressed over following distances and sudden breakings, just cos I’m so anal when I’m not in the drivers seat. The beach itself was astonishingly gorgeous and wild – not too many people were there which was choice. The bad thing about it was it was miles out to the water, and the sand was so hot. I have a huge burn blister on my foot now from the heat of it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in quite so much pain before. Well, no doubt I have, but it hurt like a motherfucker anyways.

The surf was really strong and so much fun to play in – it would like knock me to my feet then push me up again and just generally throw me around. I like being abused like that. Of course, the annoying thing about beaches is the salt and the sand, but oh well. After we’d had enough of being playing in the sea, we went and sat on the beach, and Shirley laughed at me while I built a sand -umm- sculpture. She took photos of it on my camera in between fits of mocking. And I wrote out my URL in the sand, and that looked so pretty that I took a photo of it too. Once my film gets developed, I’ll show you.

So then we came home, and I realised the full extent of the damage done to my foot. Ouch Ouch Ouch. I could hardly walk on it for a while. It’s okay now cos I’m wearing white cotton socks. They solve like ALL foot problems I do believe. White Cotton Panties, on the other hand, cause Japanese School-Girl Porn problems. That was off the point, but I do enjoy the word ‘Panties’.

Simon announced at 8.30pm today that he was going home to Wellington, and he left five minutes later. Great. Terrific. I LOVE staying alone in empty houses that still spook me a bit. And it’s going to be tremendous fun spending three days with Layton, who I have no great expectations of companionship from. Mmmmmmm anyways.

Y’all know how I want to be Heather, right? Well, here’s MY rip-off of her newest site content. People, meet my desktop. Desktop, meet people.

See, even TORI does funny things with scanners too.

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