Movie Quotes

Sunday 28; February, 1999

“I like ‘The Mask’ – that’s a really good movie”

That’s a little wise tidbit from Leyton, who also happens to be wearing bogan black jeans today. Honestly, the people I live with! Simon and Clayton ganged up on me today and whipped me with tea towels. Oh the humanity! And I had to give Clayton step by step instructions on making cheese sauce and various other things for making Lasange. And Simon called me “Momma” today – and I think he did it by accident too. Fucking scary.

“I’ll buy you Persian Carpets to enhance your floors”

“I can’t assasinate you – I’m in love with your daughter”

“A king who won’t fight for his kingdom shouldn’t be king, Johnny”.

I think I have a new fetish – old Elvis movies. I watched “Harem Scarum” tonight waiting for Si to get offline, and it ROCKED. So completly Wow.

I got 14 emails today, and like 10 of them were from one person. Hahahahahhaah. That kept me vaguely amused, in between being beaten by my flatmates. Small things keep small minds occupied huh?

I’m going to buy a Brazen Berry lipstick tommorrow. I think. Don’t hold me to that though.

Oh yeah, and HI to Kate’s flatmates who are hoping to find out more dirt on her/themselves. So um……. she’s afraid of horses.


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