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Friday 12; Febuary, 1999
I was smart and turned my cellphone off last night (or this morning at some heinous hour to be perfectly honest, although I won’t tell you the exact hour because it shocks even me). This morning I woke up to the sound of a toilet flushing, which completely freaked me out. I mean, I should have been the only person in the house. So I opened up my door and there was Clayton in the hall – obviously home from the Coramandel. I went back to bed, after turning my cellphone back on.

I woke up again around 1pm when it beeped at me with a page from Olivia. I’d had two messages before then from Justine, but I’d slept through those. So yeah, it was good to get a wake-up call. Kate yelled at me yesterday that I need to reset my body clock for when Tech starts again. I kinda like living four hours behind the rest of the world apart from Andee and Thomas but then again, Andee’s moving back to Hamilton on Saturday so I won’t be able to talk to her on the net anymore anyways. And plus, now Clayton’s back, I can’t have music blasting out at all hours. Boy, it’s going to be weird living with someone again. I’d gotten so used to the solitaire thing. This is probably healthier – no more toast for dinner.

And speaking of not eating toast for dinner, I went to the supermarket today. I was going to take a bus up to it, but then I realised that I’d just missed on and I didn’t want to wait another twenty five minutes, so I figured I may as well walk. It’s just as well I did, because Foodtown is actually so much closer than I thought it was. So I did the shopping, trying to keep expenses down, and having no idea really what to buy because I wasn’t shopping for just me. I did buy heaps of shit for myself though, like shampoo and chocolate and red wine (life’s essentials) but that’s going to come out of my pocket, not the communal-yet-to-be-established-fund. Walking down the wine aisle, I accepted a taste-cup of some red that tasted a lot like a white, because it hadn’t been oaked. I guess it was the sun, and the fact that I hadn’t eaten all day, but I felt all light-headed and warm after that. Made the shopping better I guess.

I took a cab home, because there was no way I could haul all the groceries home otherwise. My driver was this really cool chick, and we just babbled away the whole distance home. It was $5, so that’s cool – not too much to spend for saving so much hassle. It’s nice to have food in the cupboards again. I was even inspired to do a little cleaning and tidying.

It’s weird now though, cos like I said, Clayton’s back and so I feel like I have to be tidy and polite and stuff. No big deal really, but I can’t scratch myself, or sit with my skirts hiked up now or anything. I don’t want to traumatise the lad.

There was something I wanted to say, and I can’t remember what it was anymore. I’ve seen the layout for Annette’s Valentines Day thingie, and it rocks. So yeaaaaah baby. Ahhhhhhh Valentine’s Day. So not friendly to single people. Sure, I’m smart enough to see how crappily cheesy and commercial it is, but SO?

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