Smellentines Day

Sunday 14; Febuary, 1999

Kini: “I live for your journal”

Then we both agreed that she needs to get out more. I think that I do too. I slept in until 2pm, which was nice, only my feet still hurt when I woke up. I have this shocking habbit of picking loose skin from blisters and stuff. Mmm that’s nice. Next I’ll be telling you about squeezing my zits or something equally foul. Not that I have zits, mind you. My skin is perfect. I am perfect.

I’m also sitting in full view of every tom dick and harry that should happen up the neighbour’s drive, because I took down all the curtains today. Yeah, I’m going Japanese Minimalist at last. Either that or they’re currently sitting in the bathtub, soaking in bleach. Hopefully the bath is getting bleached too.

And no I’m not going crazy with the bleach just because I didn’t get any real Valentines. Hahahaha aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaarggggg. Kini said she was going to write my biography after I cark it. I guess there’s many a trajic wee tale to be told indeedly. Still, this time last year I was flathunting in Auckland, not knowing anyone at all, and was just days away from throwing myself on Tracey’s mercy and enduring 2 of the most hellish weeks of my life. I should be relieved (and I am, do believe me, I am) that I’m not homeless, and forced to share a lounge as a bedroom with Matty G again. Still, that was all character building, right?

MMMMMmmmmmm so time to move on, I think. The Hero Parade looked better on TV than it did in real life. I was sitting watching it, when I heard this thumping noise, and I nearly died of a heart attack and then Laytonthelurker walked in. He stayed for a while to watch TV, but it was up quite loud, so luckily I didn’t have to make much conversation. He just got back from Whakatane, but he’s back sleeping on the shore tonight. Phew. I hate it that he has a key to this house. Sure, he’s paying rent, but SO? Maybe he won’t be so bad when the others are around – I’m just tired of trying to talk to someone that boring.

Mark your diaries now for April 22nd. That’s International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day. Hey – she has an 1000km penis, after all.

And mark in Saturday the 6th of March too if you’re my friend and in the general area – flatwarming party, baaaaaby!

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