Coloured Pencils

Saturday 17; April, 1999

Waverly: “You’re so heartless”

Rachel: “I don’t care”

Yay Shortland Streetmy

Clayton: “He just saw me and I guess he thought I looked like the sort of person who’d play computer games”
New colours in honour of my fabulous new room colour. Yes, it’s pretty much this blue. Funky shit huh? And the yellow is the same colour as my old bedrooms in Wellington. So yeah. And the above quote made me laugh my guts out yesterday.

Anyways, Momma left at about 9am this morning. I was annoyed because she felt the urge to come into the lounge where I was sleeping to eat her breakfast. There is nothing I hate more than the sound of people, especially her, eating breakfast. Each crunch of toast and slurp of tea just sent shivers down my spine. It was horrid. And that woke me up from my dream where some bitch had been holding a knife at my throat but I’d laughed my way out of it.

Anyways, since Mum was gone, I dragged myself into my bed in my room and went back to sleep, having dreams of Bruce Willis saving France during WWII. Honestly, I should never ever watch TV, if I’m going to end up dreaming about it. Although, like I think I’ve said before, dreaming about getting with Mike off Shortland Street was very nice.

My day was fairly boring apart from that. I tidied bits of my room, lay in bed reading “Girlfriend in a Coma” by Douglas Coupland for the second time. I had to keep jumping up though, cos the dot kept playing good house music, like Armand Van Heldan and Cassius.

So yeah. Ummmmmmm what else. Simon and I got bored and re-arranged the lounge partially. It looks cool. Of course. We have pictures up on our wall that were done by Justine, so that’s kinda cool and small worldy.

I was still bored so i watched a show about silverchair for a while, which was heinous. So I made phonecalls instead and invited myself to Brad’s house for tonight. It was his birthday last week so he’s having people over now. Then I went and baked him a cake. It’s Lemon-SourCream.

AAAAAAAAARrrrrgggggggg the boys are fighting over crayons. I have to go smack them.

Love you all and some more than others.

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