Monday 26; April, 1999

A poem Kate Benton wrote for me today in Radio:

“There once was a girl called Jo

She was not a hoe

She had a graze on her chin

But still wore a big grin

Coz with Thomas she hadn’t been slow”
So yeah, that poem pretty much sums up my day. Glad I provide so much entertainment for my friends. I think I scared the be-jesus outta Peter and Brad with something I said though. And it was GREAT. I enjoyed doing it immensly.

Anyways. Um.

Oh yeah, yesterday we ran out of power (goddam fucking swipecard system). Actually, that’s a slight exageration, but we still turned out all the lights and lit candles instead. There was six cents left on the meter when I went to bed, so it ran out overnight and I couldn’t listen to the radio in the morning. And I had to get Shirley (and Trudie it turns out) to call me in the morning to wake me up instead of an alarm clock.

Ummm I wore jeans today because I was feeling very apathetic. They’re ugly jeans, way too baggy, and NOT FLARED. This is a major calamity for me, because at the very least all my pants are bootlegged, and at the most original flared suit bottoms that I inherited from my grandfather (before he died, mostly). So yeah. And I dunno, my outfit just didn’t work, but quite frankly I didn’t care. Andrew told me I’m always wearing interesting shirts, because this one (fitted white tshirt) has a yellow collar and trim, and says Mahunga Golf Course on it. He said ‘always’ because my favourite tshirt is my netball shirt from Ngaio School that I wore when i was 10. It just fit a little different back then.

Okay, apparently Jared thinks my journal is boring because I talk too much about washing dishes. He only gets away with saying that though, cos he is Kate’s flatmate and he offered me a cup of tea last time I saw him. But anyways, back to my point. Oh yes. Well, there really isn’t much more to my life than washing dishes – at least there’s not much I can write about that wouldn’t step on toes and embarrass other people. Believe you me, if none of you knew me, and I didn’t personally know most of the people that read this journal, it might be a little more exciting.

So yeah, sorry about that, eh. Y’all could, you know, spice up my life a bit, if you like. Just as long as you don’t mind being written about.

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