Saturday 1; May, 1999

“now you can rub him all over your body AND he’ll protect your skin”
That’s one of the pressies Kini sent me. She also sent me two blow-up toys – a ladybird and a turtle. Now my own gift that I bought her seems so inadequate and I can’t send it.

So yeah, much laughter over those, though I do believe she is one sad little puppy.

I realised today that I don’t use the phrase “On the Piss” much anymore. Sure, I tell people to “get off the piss!” but it’s not quite the same. So I’m going to go on the piss tonight, at Shirley’s flatwarming. So that will be cool.

Kate came around before and made me go to Dressmart with her, when I just wanted to watch Radiohead on Spotlight. I’m glad I went, though, cos I ended up buying a really nice velvet top from the Glassons Outlet store. Yes, that sounds like a contradiction, but VELVET! Man, I can’t keep my hands off myself in it. It’s just a shame that it’s sleeveless, so I have to wear something else with it.

But that’s okay. Anyways, yes.

Damn parents and cousins having 21sts. Damn them to hell, i say.


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