Saturday 15; May, 1999

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Um. Oh yes. Dinner last night at Kate’s was SUPERB. Well worth washing the dishes for, even if I did try and hide some of them in the oven so that I didn’t have to wash them. She made us chicken breasts stuffed with apricots and creamcheese, and tomato salad with feta cheese in it – mmmmmmmmmmm. And they have a big jar full of chocolate covered coffee beans sitting in their windowsill that I made many beelines for. I could so easily become addicted to those things, man!

Marissa and Theresa were highly amusing company and I love them to bits, of course. Is that enough greasing, girls? They’re coming over for Pancake Night tommorrow night. Which will be choice.

Oh yes, onto my distressing news now. Simon wants to move back down to wellington in June! Please, everyone, email him and convince him that it really is a pretty bad idea on his part.

I’d miss him so much if he left. This whole flat bond thing that we have going on right now would fall apart, because I’d be left in the minority with Lurker and Clayt and whoever we got in to replace Simon. Because Simon can never be replaced, you see. I love him to bits, and he’s such a special little person. I love that I can yell at him all I like and hit him and stuff, and he knows that I’m kidding. I love that we have similar tastes in music, and psx, and geeking and sleeping habbits. All my friends like him. I love having a flatmate that I like hanging out with. I love that he gives me hugs when I’m looking sad, and listens to my problems and worries about me. Even if I do sometimes get grumpy with him not cleaning or cooking or anything, there’s no one else that I’d rather flat with and I’d miss him unbearably if he was gone.

I know it’s selfish of me wanting him to stay. But what can I say?

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