Monday 24th May 1999

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Mmmmm. Pastel Colours. How classy huh? I feel like I just walked into a Glassons, circa ummmm 1989? Or umm 1998. Yeah. Both of those.

Today started out very very early. Goddam, it’s cold in the mornings. I just want to stay in bed. I do get back into bed after my shower. But I don’t sleep. Eventually I haul myself out and drink instant coffee. Fuck I’m SO all class. Instant coffee and white toast with peanut butter. 9/10 Nutritionists would be shocked.

I didn’t have a lecture this morning, I had to go in for a PR meeting. Arrrrgh. I spent all day in the computer room, doing final touches, proofreading and formatting on our group project. Five and a bit hours. I’m not kidding. I killed a little time emailing simon cos he was at home. I told him I was feeling nauseous (because I was) and he decided I was pregnant- here’s a sample (stuff in blue is his replies):

>Why a hamster?
I’m not sure, they look fun, and have more fun then gerbills

>Now Clayclay is lurking around in the computer room
He must have got hints from lurker

>Did you impregnate me in my sleep? DID YOU? YOU FUCKING BASTARD. And there I was thinking it was a mosquito


> |

It was a long day. I also made something you’ll find off the blahblah page, in between printers fucking up and disks getting viruses. Grrrrrrrrr!

But that’s okay. When I got home, I was feeling sick again, so I went to bed, and felt better, until the dinner Clayton cooked made me feel a little ill again. Nevermind. I also uploaded Kate’s webpage for her – you’ll find the link off blahblah again. Oh no wait, iI promised to link to it in my journal, so click HERE. And DO submit your work. And an hour of Shortland Street, baby! w00p w00p. That’s almost as good as the dramas in my guestbook!

Ummmm oh yes. Kate rang up and invited us out for dessert, so we went to D72, and it was yummy. One day, I will have one of those orange booths. Oh yes, I will. And their very swish purple bathrooms.

I love Kate. She rox0rs. And Simon too, I guess. So that was high jinks all around.

And now I feel a trifle ill again, but in a pleasant way.

I have “Second Child” written on my hand, so I’m sure that was supposed to trigger some sort of memory. Oh yes. They were playing “disappear” in the background of Shortland Street tonight. Damn I love that song.

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