Friday 28; May, 1999

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This random person on ICQ just messaged me (I swear I am NOT set on random chat, I’m just a freak magnet) asking me if I wanted phone sex. So I got his phone number off him – it’s 025 291 2845 if you’re interested. Because I’m not.

I was going to tell you about the amusing things that were written in our kitchen, but now Simon changed them

oh well, i can still remember. I’m going to make an image. Nah I can’t be fucked.

Oh well. Written on our fridge in magnets before (using some letters in new positions) we had

“jo can nibble gently” by simon. So underneath that I wrote “yes I can”. And then with the remaining letters I wrote “grow damp” and then emulated the playstation logo.

But then he changed it to “Clayton sux0rs my kunt” or something like that, and so I changed it to “go away lurker” and “simon sux”

Fascinating stuff huh? I bought the fridge magnets for $5 at Iko-Iko today when I was out shopping with Karen. We went to Newmarket, then to K-Road. I also brought myself a pewter bracelet and a wire necklace from Buanu Satu. Karen got a funky-ass top from DV8 while I drooled and whined over their tiaras. I SO want one. Like, REAL bad. But they were $67 dollars. Darn. So yes, top of my birthday list is now a tiara. Cool. Not like a diamante one – one that’s more arty, I think. More me.

We ate lunch at Brazil, which was really really yummy, even if the staff think they’re the shit when they’re not, and the service is excrutiatingly slow. I swear, Welly’s so the only place for hospo staff. Oooooh I saw Sacha in Newmarket and she said she bumped into Peter Urlich and he loved the video we sent him. So yay us. Apparently, he’s going to send us his ‘critique’ of it. Oh please.

In the evening, we ordered pizza, and got free garlic bread cos the deliverer guy likes me. I joined Video Ezy to get a month of two for the price of ones, AND a free rental hire. The guy at the shop was very impressed with my middle name. Why did I just say “rental hire” ? One of those words was supurflous. You chose which.

“The Daytrippers” was very funny, but kinda sad too. “The Boys” was very nasty and disturbing. It scared me a lot.

Man, I HATE sleeping in the single bed in the lounge. It feels really wrong. I don’t like snuggling up/banging into a wall. Plus I miss my other two pillows. Yes, that’s right, I sleep with four pillows. See, I started out just having two, and the other two were on the other side of the bed, because I always gravitated towards the left side of my bed. Now I relish sleeping in the middle, because, well, I just do. So that means that I have to sort of push the pillows together so I don’t sleep on a pillow crack, and I just got used to having the four there. Yeah, because y’all DO care about my pillows and my sleeping arrangements, huh?

Deadlines are very much on my mind. Exams are coming up. So is my birthday. Those two are only related because my birthday is in the middle of exam week.

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