Monday, June 21, 1999

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New feature: webcam envy. I so want one of my own. I also need the stills Olivia took of me when I was putting on a show for Jo. I miss my little boy Simon. I was going to call him up, but then I realised he still has the Internet, even in Waikane. Phew.

I’m lonely here with only Lurker around. I rang up Andee and babbled to her for hours. That was choice. She turned 21 two days ago. Olivia turned 21 today. Happy Birthday to them both.

There’s something I think I should share with you all. I’m having the Millenium Baby. That’s got to be the explanation behind my continual morning sickness, and also my puku. Well golly! At least I know where I’ll be this New Years – on a hospital slab with my legs up in stirrups. Saucy.

The exam this morning was so-so. We’re given ten minutes reading time before hand, and I just about fell asleep during that. It was so not a good look. Afterwards a bunch (fuck that’s a cool word) of us went up to the TV Studios to watch our Studio Productions. Ick. I was really NOT looking my best that day. I nodded too much doing my interview, and at the end I said “thank you for having us”. Darn it all. Oh well, it’s all over. Fingers crossed, I’ll never ever have to see Skeggly Michael Equiptment Guy again.

Amusing story of the day:

My friend Derek’s been called before the Discipline (sp?) Tribunal. It seems that in the middle of his mass com exam, he decided it’d be a good time for him to leave the exam to go to the bathroom, get in the lift, go down and buy a mince pie, eat it, and then return to the exam. Only Derek’d do that, eh. Such a classic.

Everyone was very much in awe of my TrueBliss experiances. They must have been. That’d explain all the raised eyebrows and loud sighs.

that’s SIMON – I’m not QUITE that hairy

I’m booooooooored. I had my last exam today. I should be out celebrating or something, not sitting at home at the computer under my duvet. Goddam it’s COLD. Neeeples Neeeeeples Neeeeeeeples.

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