Sunday, November 14th, 1999

Actually it’s Monday now, and I’m at tech, in the middle of a journalism exam, in theory, but in reality, I have finished my current events questions, AND written my story, so I’m all done with like an hour to spare. I could spend it looking up the correct answers on the net, or even emailing someone to ask them, but I will be good, and do hand coding styles instead.

# It’s so weird how much perverse pleasure I get from seeing something typed out in Notepad become colourful and laid out and stuff. Man, I’ve changed so much this year. I know HTML now, even if I still also use Dreamweaver sometimes. When it’s not crashing, or being too slow.
# I love pop music. Passionatly.
# I take my clothes off occasionally even when other people are watching. Because they ask me to. And stuff.
Craziness. Whatever has come over me? I do not know. But it’s greatly amusing.

Did I mention that my email address no longer works? that is, anyway. You can, however, email me to , if you’re feelign creative, or just plain old if you’re not. Oh yeah, there are a few people with email addies at @hubris, like Si has fatslag, and jo has and stuff, but for the most part, yeah.

So yes, anyways, Sunday. The phone kept fucking ringing in the morning and waking me up, which sucked big fat nuts. I was dreading a call from Shirley wanting me to go and do stuff with her, because I didn’t feel all that well. My hands were still tingling and I was dizzy dizzy dizzy. I heard Si leave for Wellington, and then I heard Clayton and Brad in the kitchen, cleaning and doing the dishes. I felt kinda bad for not offering to help them, but really, I wanted to stay as horizontal as possible at that stage. I heard Clayton say that I did more than my fair share of cooking anyways, so that was nice. Then the phone rang again, and I heard Brad talk to Kate M, and tell her that I was still in bed. It’s so funny when people answer the phone and tell callers that I’m still asleep, when we have thin walls , and the phone is in the hall right outside my bedroom. Basically, if Clayton is up and talking to anyone, I will be awake, cos he’s got such a goddam loud voice. Anyways, Brad called out to me, asking if it was okay if Kate M came around to use my computer, and I said that was fine.

After that, I decided it’d probably be a good idea if I dragged my skanky ass outta bed, cos my hair was feeling all salty crusty, and I smelled bad, and stuff. Of course, obviously the most logical thing for me to do at that stage was to go to the kitchen and make pancake batter – so I did. Then Kate M showed up, and invited me to go to see ‘Cube’ with her in twenty minutes time, so I jumped in the shower and got clean and dressed and stuff. There is sand ALL OVER my bedroom floor, through most of the mountains of clothes lying around as well. Arrgh. Annoyance. So yes, anyways, she did her little internet thing, and then we drove to Newmarket to meet her brother at the Rialto.

I was still feeling dizzy and hungover and stuff, and I hadn’t eaten. There was lots of swirly roundabout shots in the movie, which wasn’t very cool at all in that state of health. I didn’t like the movie all that much. I mean, it was a good concept, and I was really rooting for them to get out of there, but goddam the acting was bad! And yeah, the ending was stupid, and you’d think it’d leave you with all sorts of questions, but the reality is, I just didn’t CARE. I couldn’t be bothered thinking about all the loose ends, etc. But still, it was interesting. And we got Wendys on the way home, which dealt with my hangover.

The evening was quite boring, watching TV. Ice TV had an election special, with Bomber on it, and he’s just such a fucking loser, it’s tragic. But it was nice to see a show with such an obvious slant to it. Go Labour go! And John Campbell appeared too, and so that was cool, because he really really IS the man. We had pancakes and strawberries and icecream and maple syrup in the evening and mmmmmm they were good.

Yay, the exam is over, and therefore, so is this entry.

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