frankly my dear

Thursday, November 18th, 1999

I was still awake at 6am today, probably partly because I was still drinking coke at 1am. Who’s a stupid fuckwit then? But it’s like, we watched the movie til 1ish, then I went to my room and read Brad’s cleo til 2ish. 4ish, I was still awake, so I went and checked my email, then went back to bed. 6ish, I got out of bed to sit on my other duvet on the ground and read a Melbourne Uni magazine I’d found for a while. And then, it was light outside, and yet I still managed somehow to get some sleep.

I had really vivid dreams, but I can’t remember them now, cos I got woken up around 12ish by the phone, and then Gail knocking on the door. But that was cool, getting to have a quick catch up chat with her. I went back to bed after that, not able to sleep, which is just as well, cos Shirley rang a little later to say she was going stir-crazy being at home and not working, so I had a shower and she came over. We decided to rent ‘Gone With The Wind’ cos she’d never seen it, and we’d always intended to have a day viewing classic movies. I was so impressed that Video Ezy Ellerslie actually had it. I was also glad that there weren’t fines on my account for overdue porn. Heh.

I used to be obsessed with ‘Gone With the Wind’, and it’s porbably still one of my favourite movies. I know it perfectly scene by scene, and I also have the book half memorised, but I haven’t seen it whole since I was like 14, so it was reaaaaaaaally cool to see it. I was getting all weepy, more than I ever have before while watching it, I think. Then again, half way through when we went to change the tapes over, it was the snowcave episode of Pokemon, and I cried at that too. Fuck I got mocked by Shirley and Brad. Ahh well.

Then this evening, I watched the making of it, because that tape came included as well. So I’m all maxed out on it. Clark Gable looks a lot like Robbie Williams. I’d definatly do him. Dammit, I need a Rhett Butler in my life, someone totally rich and dedicated to just sweeping me off my feet. Ashley just reminded me too much of Dawson.

My wrists hurt, but I’ve done three entries for you. Now all I need is to get a job. Fuck I am so broke, like totally completly. I only have $180 left on my overdraft, to last til next wednesday. I wanna go home to Welly – well, Mum wants me to go home for a couple of days, but at this rate, I couldn’t even afford to give Kate anything for petrol. So I dunno. Need a job. Need a job baaaaaad. If it wasn’t for the fact that all of my friends and most of the people that mean the most to me are up here, I’d so go stay at home for hte summer, just to save money. But yeah, the ‘rents would end up driving me crazy, and besides, yeah, there’s people I care about up here that I want to keep seeing.

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