Big Day In

Fryday, January 21th, 2000

It’s the Big Day Out today. It’s 3.11pm, and I am at home in my pajamas. This is where I want to be. Well, I definately don’t want to be in Ericsson Stadium with 40,000 teeny boppers sweating like pigs ruining their foodcolouring hairdye dripping all over their glasssons clothing and shaking their rumps to Blink 182 and the feelers. Call me crazy if you like.

Brad keeps offering me things and not coming through with them. He asked if I wanted some peaches, and I said yes. Then he came out of the kitchen eating them and went and sat down. I said I’d get my own then, and he felt bad. Then he went to the supermarket and asked if I wanted anything at all. When I asked for a donut, he said sure. Did he buy me one? No. No he didn’t. He does have Namibian beer though.

Tonight we’re going out for dinner at a Thai restaurant, but not the cursed place, then drinking, then going to go use the double pass I won for Latenight & Lovegrove at the Classic. I love Brendan Lovegrove. It’s just weird though, cos he so looks like he should be scrawny, and he’s not.

My friend Clare came up from Christchurch yesterday to stay for a couple of days enroute to moving permanently to Sydney. She’s at the BDO right now, and we haven’t spent much time together, but that’s okay. I don’t really know her all that well – she’s very cool however.

I love it most of all when I turn over in bed and he turns over too, so that we can continue lying together

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