A birthday for Kini


Friday, January 28th, 2000

I’m on IRC right now laughing my head off. I haven’t been so amused in ages. Me and my first ever InternetCrushBoy are just being really silly. It’s so much fun flirting completely over the top when it’s just a load of ass and not at all serious. Brilliant. Yes indeedy. I’d forgotton how much fun IRC could be.

I had a really shit day today. I went into town, negotiating in absolutely hell traffic, finally managed to get a park, and went into AIT to pay my fees. Of course, then it turned out I couldn’t pay by eftpos, so it was all a big waste of my time. I’ll have to go get a bank cheque some time. Grrr.

So yeah anyways, I’d noticed that the southern motorway was even more crowded looking, so I came home via Newmarket, and popped into the Warehouse for unsuccessful shopping, and had to buy headache pills to validate my parking. But since I had a headache, I guess it’s okay. Then I went to Foodtown for couscous and Fillipino beer. I was going to go to the vege shop too, but the traffic was too bad, so I came home instead.

In the afternoon, Brad and I laughed ourselves silly through ‘Saint Elmo’s Fire’ – where are all those actors now? Then, in the evening, Thomas and I watched some really old movie Clayton had brought home – ‘The Thin Man’. It had this really saucy couple in it, who were definately cool. And so yeah, that’s it. I came on IRC instead of trying to sleep. Simple, effective, and kinda lonely, even with InternetCrushBoy. So I’m going to go now. Byeeeeeee!

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