Thursday, March 9th, 1999

Joanna 10/03/00 00:21 did I tell you we planted a herb garden today?

Person 10/03/00 00:21 lovely! we’re talking herbs, not, like herb, right?

Joanna 10/03/00 00:21 we’re talking parsley, dark opal basil, sage, oregano, parsley, sweet basil, lavendar, thyme

Person 10/03/00 00:23 oh, how lovely herb gardens smell da bomb

Joanna 10/03/00 00:25 they do indeed, especially the dark opal basil. It made me hungry for the kind of cooking my flatmates (with the possible exception of thomas) could only dream about, if their dreams could reach above meat and three boiled veg, that is
we planted them in the window boxes outside brad’s room, and in the ones outside clayton’s I planted freshias and anememeones, but they won’t surface until spring I guess

Person 10/03/00 00:26 ew, yuck!
i don’t cook
but that’s only cause when i do, i kick that graham kerr faggot’s ass
nome sane? i make DA SHIT.

Joanna 10/03/00 00:27 oh dear – is that your urban myth?
I can cook good
I made a coconut lemon sourcream cake tonight

Person 10/03/00 00:28 i didn’t say it was a *good* urban myth i had a great plan for spreading an urban myth, but it involved owning a video shop.
i make good pasta.

Joanna 10/03/00 00:29 mmmmmmm pasta
do you mind if I just copy and paste our conversation into notepad and use it for my journal entry?

Person 10/03/00 00:29 why, for the olive oil bit?

Joanna 10/03/00 00:30 no, just explaining about the herbs and everything
sometimes I just feel like our conversations are far too witty to be kept only between us
of course, I planned to leave you annonymus

Person 10/03/00 00:31 heh, when you put it that way, why of course 🙂

Joanna 10/03/00 00:33 thanks, you’re very generous
and the olive oil bit was very amusing, maybe I should include it
only no, cos it’d require editing, and it’s much more fun to just refer to it and know we have our own little secrets

Ummm, what else? There’s a new show on telly called ‘Queer As Folk” (foke, not fawlk as thomas has to keep reminding me – we’re blaming my mispronounciation on my mother). The show fulfills all my requirements of being brilliant – sexy accented lads getting their kit off and snogging each other a lot. There was even penises, and lots of nice bums. Mmm. I’d wish that I was a gay male, only no, there’s that whole sodomy thing.

Another new TV show started tonight – ‘the sopranos’ and I liked that too. Just while I’m going on and on about TV age, on Monday our flat watched “Friday the 13th”. One flatmate screamed some. One laughed hysterically. Clayton and Brad jumped a bit. Kate M was pretty much fine with it all. Brad yelled at her and I for discussing who the murderer could be. He’s a spoilsport. Fancy suggesting that we WAIT to find out!

Anything else worth mentionin? I finally mailed Anji her birthday present – hey, it’s not long since December 26th really, is it? This means there’s hope for Kini getting her pressie yet! Don’t forget, International Give Stuff to Joanna and Kini Day on April 22nd.

Apparently I’m a rock star. Yay!

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