August 27, 2000

Sunday August 27th, 2000

If you know my phone number, you should call it right now and hear our new answering machine. Clayton still doesn’t know about it – Kate Brad and I scripted and recorded it on the sly. Lots of Clay’s rellies will be ringing this week too, on account of his 21st on Saturday. My mother rang and heard it tonight, and she made my dad ring back afterwards so that he could hear it too. They laughed. Kate and I are in negotiations over what whores de vores we’re going to serve at Clay’s party. We negotiate everything, especially the lies we tell to each other (“No I didn’t reply to it” – “no that wasn’t him that slept over last night”). Last night we decided that she’s to stop telling such convoluted lies to people, and instead just say “no, I don’t know what I want” and then come home and discuss it with me and I’ll issue press releases. When we told the boys that over lunch, they decided we could make a living out of it, so we’re starting a Dumping Firm. People will contract us to break up with their partners for them.

Ahh yes, the Flat Lunch, our new flat Sunday tradition. Clayton made us waffles today, and DAMN they were good. Mmmmm! He had the nerve to say tonight that he wished that it made round waffles instead of two rectangular ones, and so I threatened to take it back and get myself more bed linen instead. He shut up. Brad’s in charge of lunch next Sunday. I mean, most of us eat dinner together every night, but that’s generally in front of the telly, so it’s good to spend some quality time together and stuff. It’s all good.

After lunch, I went and finished a piece of writing I’d started yesterday, so that made me feel good. It’s crap, but hey, it’s me, and it’s fictional as well, so cool. I feel distanced, and that’s nice. Then I went into the lounge and told Brad I was bored, so he was like “watch the league with me” and I said “okay, if we can drink beer”. There’s Waikato Draught in the fridge which he got free from work, but I had a half bottle of that last night and had to pour the rest down the sink cos it was so nasty. So I had to get out of my pajamas, and we went to the supermarket. All the cheap imported beers that were on special (Bavarian Millenium Brew and Carlsberg) were sold out, so we settled for Montieths and also Crownies . I’ve never watched League before – well, not on purpose anyways. It was the final of something or rather, so i decided to cheer for Sydney, who lost. Clayton and Brad educated me to a few key things about the game, which was helpful. But I wasn’t paying that much attention, especially not after Morrison showed up and started gossiping.

Colour me absolutely satiated! We had Otto Woo’s for dinner. CARDBOARD BOXED FOOD!!! Very cool. Quite expensive, but yummmmy.

Oh my god I’ve just found what I suspect is Placebo’s new album on Napster. This isn’t supposed to be out until October. Colour me sitting in a puddle of my own juice. I was just thinking today that maybe I’d listen to “Without You I’m Nothing” again, cos I haven’t since like, April. And I’m feeling like it’s not an issue anymore. Without you I’m better. Oooh, I’m right, it IS the new album, Black Market Music, and it’s not supposed to come out until October 9th. Very impressed am I.

It’s going to be a glorious day.

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