October 29, 2000

Name the body part.


I think in the future, before I go out with Kate Benton and her friends again, I will write myself a cohesive list of why Limp Biozkit are so bad, because I imagine I’ll have the same arguement with Mike again, and I’d like to be able to express myself a little better than just “they suck”. To think he said Placebo suck. People these days.

Apparently the boy in the cab last night that I shared was Le-at’s brother. I guess it makes a lot more sense now that they didn’t appear to be very intimate – I thought they were shacking up together but wondered why they were so distant with each other. And if they are brother and sister, that explains that they both have such strange names. Well, I guess the names aren’t strange if you speak Hebrew.

I’m excited that “Lydia” is now on ZM’s playlist, because if there’s any NZ band that deserves fame and money other than Shihad, it’s Fur Patrol.

Clay came into my room this morning to steal the Internet Cable (okay, wishful thinking – I mean the phone extension cord) so I was like “Clay, can you please open my window?” and he did, and I asked him for water as well, which he brought me. What a nice boy. I was like “Look! I have a fur cuff! and he was like “where’d you get that?” but I didn’t know. I remembered putting on the red feather band, but where I got the grey fur like Olivia’s pillows from, I have no idea.

Macdonalds is a poor man’s version of Wendys when it comes to hangover treatment.

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