Monday November 6th, 2000

This is me not writing one of like 3 or 4 reports that I’m supposed to be writing. Yes, I am a bad bad girl. I have an awful lot of work on right now. I was at tech from noon until after 8pm today, and I imagine the rest of the week will follow a similar pattern. You end up going kinda stir crazy in the labs, especially when there’s not that many people there except for like Nikki and Helen. I wish I could turn cartwheels. I had huge huge urges to do them today – a combination of sneakers and frustration I guess. My sneakers are good because they’re pumas, and Puma wasn’t mentioned in “No Logo” so therefore they can’t be exploiting anyone anywhere, really. I just wonder why Sirling Sports uses Korn on their TV ads to advertise Puma. Haven’t they ever heard of a little song called “A.D.I.D.A.S” ?

I spent the evening fighting with Quest. It’s such a dumb fucking program, but I suspect Authorware would have been as bad. I don’t know how to put in links from one page to another, which is just a wee bit of a problem. I think I only like Timeline based programs like Flash and Director now. I suspect that my journal entries for the rest of the week will be as boring as this one. I was emailing Kini at work today, as you do, and I was like (okay, paraphrasing now) “Kini I’m bored and tense, I want a shag – don’t tell me to go for a jog instead” and she wrote me back going “go for a jog instead and save yourself a whole heap’o trouble” and so I wrote back “since when have i ever had any trouble after shags?” She stopped writing to me then. I heart Kini. Lots and lots. When I’m a millionaire, I’m so going to hire a herd of elephants to come storming up her street scattering rose petals, just to suprise her. And if you think I’m spoiling the suprise by saying it here, well, would you really think it’s something you’d expect anyways?

I’m starting to suspect that none of my flatmates live here anymore, except the dishes stacked on the bench would suggest otherwise. Ooh, I jsut had a 2 minute chat with Brad who just got home, and will be getting up again at 5.30am for his internship. Clay’s not home – I have no idea where he is. Probabyl somewhere with Kara. Kate WAS home, but has since gone to Johnno’s. I may as well live alone at this rate! However, Jeremy might move in over the summer, subletting Kate’s room while she’s in Queenstown, so that’d be cool.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I read a “Freshman Dorm” book that I stole from Morrison. It was every bit as atrocious as the name sounds. I’m not that sleepy today, all things considered. I’ve drank an awful lot of water, so I’m peeing every 20 minutes. Oh, did I tell you about our new flat game? It’s called 5PLUS. All it involves is us each trying to have five or more servings of fruit & veges a day, and keeping talley on the whiteboard. Sounds simple, I know, but it’s a way for us to be competitive AND be healthy. Brilliant. Of course, having said that, we’ve now run out of fruit, and god knows when anyone will have time to go to the vege store. Of course, Foodtown IS 24 hours, but I’m already in my Pajamas. I’m sleepy. It’s midnight. I should write a report on our special technological problem, or do a report on the entire project, but no. Wrist hurts. Should sleep, or read crap books or somefink. Do you know what I want? I want a giant to sleep with. No, this isn’t some penis size thing – it’s that cats always sleep curled up at the back of your knees, right? Well, I want someone so big that I can sleep curled up in THEIR knees. It’s different from spooning. I’d also love a Tiger to sleep with. That’d be lovely, as long as it was tame.

I read an article that discussed whether or not penguins fall over backwards due to watching aeroplanes flying overhead. This makes me laugh lots. I like penguins. I like bears. I like people in animal costumes. And pirates too. There should be more pirates on TV.

“arrrrr squiddy, I’ve nothing against you!”

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