Thursday November 9th, 2000

Just briefly, before I go stick my head over a bowl of boiling water and vicks vapour rub:

Getting to tech to find out that you put your underwear on inside out because you were so tired and sick that morning when you put it on, wrist pain, neck pain, back pain, dry mouth despite having drunk literal litres of water, not eating 5PLUS today, Kate B going away soon, not having had a single piece of personal email today, still being awake at 5am today, the guy pacing at the bus stop tonight, Static being off air all day, probably not being able to camp over at Kate H’s goodbye party on account of being sick, Leigh refusing to marry me to spark a ratings crossover, only having five days of stress left, not being able to fit in a Casino Night before I go away, how much I’m looking forward to getting drunk next Wednesday night, one of the boys i had a mini crush on having already moved out of Auckland, dumbass grad dips calling each other unproffesional over the class email list, still not having changed my sheets

Clean towels, getting clicked, PJ Harvey, giving Nigel my Welly # (although I think I actually wrote my auck one by mistake) so we can hook up in Welly and go to Barney’s, my brilliant glossary indexy idea in my Phone project, finishing my Phone project with ten minutes of labs still being open to spare tonight, coming home to find Justin and Maree over, sandwichs in the company of Kate H and Bradley earlier today, Brad having an Alex Lloyd cd now, Anji arriving in the country today, Olivia (full stop), the satisfaction of knowing I did ALL the Phone project instead of taking shortcuts, planning what I’d do on a large salary, Justin giving me exciting ideas about the job future, telling Clayton off for buying condoms (“Son, I think it’s about time we had a little chat), having finished my Special Technological Challenge Report, getting to deliver a seminar tomorrow (look at me, look at how in control I am), my sneakers cos I feel so athletic in them that I jumped over obstacles today, Song Association, Brad filling me in on the past couple’o Home&Aways and us making a date to watch TV together next week, managing to restrain myself from singing along really really loudly to A Life Less Ordinary in the lab today, accidently opening up thousands of porn windows on Joe Fisher’s Internet account at tech today while looking for pictures of a body builder, taking photos on the digital camera of myself for our broadcasting project going “just one more” until Trevor reminded me that we only had a half hour of tape, dreaming that Kini was being courted by a guy dressed as a peanut m&m

“You got nipple licking? I’m so jealous!”

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