Saturday November 11th, 2000

I’ve lost my voice. This is really quite distressing. I’m not entirely sure where I put it, either. Oh well, I’m typing now – who needs to talk?

I had such a nice lushious sleep-in today, apart from having to wake up briefly to let Justin in so he could be Funny with Brad. I had two disturbing dreams though – one where I was scoring this Dutch guy who was very very very sexy, and not gay unlike in real life, but as soon as I got his pants off I saw he was very very very small, which was rather disappointing. In the other dream, amongst bad people and startac phones and pokemon creatures and hitting people over the head with bottles, I found myself locked in a cage with someone, so I had to score them. Every Full Moon week, I have really fucked up dreams every night. It’s mildly disturbing. But yeah, anyways. I bummed around for a while and didn’t even get half way through the Herald before I got bored and went to do other things – like make an image to go on the cover of a tape Clayton was making for Kate Hamlin of all the music that we play at parties – we called it “The Sound of Garland”.

Around 4ish I think it was, Justin swung by to pick me up. I’d decided previously that i was going to take my car down to Waiuku for Kate H’s goodbye party, not drink, and drive home early, but then Justin decided that he was going to do the same thing, so he gave me a ride instead. Clay and Brad came in Brad’s car, but they went via Bucklands Beach to get a tent from his parents so as to camp over (how intense ha ha ha!). The drive out to Waiuku was really nice actually, all countryside and stuff. We passed a big sign that marked a turn off to the Steel Mill, so I begged and whined and whined to go see the sawmill, as that seemed to be the one attraction in the town, but Justin didn’t call my bluff and take me there.

Kate Hamlin’s house and driveway were full of people, lots of kids and family and stuff. The tech people all clustered together, sitting around in the sun, and it was nice. When it got colder, we put on our coats and continued to sit in the sun. Shirley had her Richard along, and I had to quickly take Clayton away “for another drink” to give him a stern talking to, cos he kept being tactless. I am the thought police. Maree’s b/f James was there too, and yet we couldn’t stop ourselves from making jokes about “going to James’s house”, but luckily once we explained, he joined in too. He was cool. Go maz go.

We watched the sitcom Clay made, on their tv which was black and white but tinged purple for some reason. The reading room in the house had blue wallpaper and blue carpet, and was quite quite cool. Eventually I went to dance with Kate H and sing “Freedom” – wham! not true bliss, which is when i realised I had no voice. That was a little unfortunate, but didn’t stop me from trying to sing “Lydia” later. There was this six year old girl there eyeing up Clayton ever since he had a little dance with her, so I made him waltz with me to make her jealous, and boy was she ever looking daggers at me. He made it up to her later though, by picking her up and waltzing with her. She’s in love with him now. I bet for the next fifteen years she’ll look back fondly at that memory and hope to marry him one day. But then again, what do you expect from a girl called Imadene? Isn’t that the name of a birth control pill?

Kate H’s only going over the summer, but it was still all kinda sad. We’ll probably have coffee before she goes, hopefully. Man, it must be strange, to work at DisneyWorld. She’s promised to bring us home red plastic cups, and in exchange, we’re promising to have a Frat Party (as opposed to a Keg Party, so we don’t have to provide a keg). We’re going to call ourselves Gamma Gamma Garland. On the way back, I whined to go to the Steel Mill again, and said “if you were smart, you’d call my bluff and just take me there to teach me a lesson”, and Justin was like “I can’t figure out if you actually want to go or not” and I said that I didn’t actually know myself anymore. So we drove up to the lookout over the steel mill and it was kinda surreal – this nicely manicured park thing with big trees and stuff, overlooking this industrial wasteland that was all lit up, because of course the factory was 24 hours. I went for a wander around the trees because the grass felt all nice and springy beneath my plastic clogs.

So that was Kate’s yesterday. I got home just before midnight, I think, but didn’t sleep for ages, despite being sick, or because I’m sick, or whatever. I’m so glad Clay had the idea of making her the tape. Brilliant. The boys didn’t even end up camping over, which I’m kinda glad about cos I would have hated to have missed out on that! “Maybe later – I’ve got creamy goodness in my mouth right now”

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