Sunday the 24th of December – Xmas Eve, 2000

Oh, in case you’re wondering what happened to my journal index page, I accidently uploaded the old one that’s here on my parents’ computer before I saved the new one that’s online, and so then I couldn’t be assed writing out all the links again. So you just get the fresh stuff, and maybe we’ll pretend like I haven’t been doing this journal thing since like July 1998 (although i only have archives from November 1998). who are you? I see you watching me.

I went shopping today, and suprisingly, town wasn’t too mare-ish. And I even managed to get what I was after; a frame for some art that I made Neil, plus some Summer Ale for him, and a little bag & some candles for Mum. So that’s my Xmas shopping all done. Everyone wants to open the silver parcel under the tree that’s for Karen, because Zinc wrapped it so damn nicely, and because no one knows what’s in it. I can tell you guys though – it’s a vase mobile. So we’re all clear on that then?

Hayley’s coming over tomorrow, which is cool cos I think she’s absolutely ace. I wish I’d got to know her better earlier on, but it’s never too late. I think the Bentons are coming over too, then Oma’s coming for Xmas Dinner. Dinner? Well, we’re eating at 4.30pm. Karen designed the menu; we’re having chicken filo parcels with apricot sauce as an entree, then roasted aubergine & kumara spinach salad with balsamic vinagrette, coconut cucumber & cherry tomato salad with basil and lime dressing, and grilled tuna steaks with citrus mayonaise. The menu also says we’re having raspberry and redcurrant sorbet with Crocodile Mousse for dessert, but I have a feeling it’s meant to say “Chocolate”. I guess chocklit and crocodile are fairly similar though. Mmm, so I’m looking forward to just eating and drinking all day tomorrow. And opening pressies! I’m very excited. I love Xmas. You can come around if you like.

I haven’t sent out Xmas cards this year, not even electronic ones. I figure I’ll call everyone instead, cos that’s much more personal (and goes on my parents’ phone bill, natch). Or people will call me. I’m just really really happy right now. And it’s not like an abnormal high meaning I’m going to have an abnormal low to match – it’s more just sort of being at peace, and seeing everything working out for me, and that’s great.

In our toilet there’s a little clip holdy thingie standing on the window sill, and in it was a card that said something really crap like “cheer up – the worst is yet to come” so I got a piece of paper and wrote the only quote I could think of at that moment, “Self Improvement is masturbation” – Tyler Durdan, and stuck it in front of the card. Maybe tomorrow I’ll change it to “masturbation is self improvement”.

We played Balderdash tonight, which is really really fun. You get to make up definitions or descriptions for words, initials, dates and movies. I have quite a good grasp on History so I would win every single round when there was a Date option. If you’ve never played, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

Simon’s not answering his mobile. Either he’s avoiding me, or more likely, he left it in Welly and he’s in Taupo. This makes communication a little hard. Silly boy, I still love him to bits. Also people that make it hard for me to talk to them is Kini who goes to bed too early, and Olivia who just plum doesn’t answer her phone. And Brad who doesn’t answer his phone when I ring up to say things about Bears, or to mock him cos Charlotte Church was on the telly. And Clay not answering text messages about Taupo. Ahh well. I didn’t wanna talk to any of them anyways!

Maybe I should go to bed now so that Santa will show up.

Merry Xmas to all my readers. Thanks to youse guys that I know and care about who are reading this – you’re all so so special to me, and yeah, just gush gush gush about how much you mean to me and everything. I’ve gone all holiday soppy. But really, friendship IS the best gift of all, no matter how materialistic I pretend to be. So yeah, lots and lots of love xoxox .

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