Tuesday the 26th of December – Xmas 2000

Okay, so I thought I knew passion and lust before, but oh I was so so wrong. I saw “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” today, and oh my god gaaaaaaaaah I am so in love with Chang Chen. See the movie and you’ll see what I mean. He was the bandit, with the wild hair and cheekbones you could cut yourself on, eyes smouldering with passion, lean bodied, and oh the passion between him and Jen! Sorry, excuse me while I just drown in my own juices. I want him, I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him I want him.

I must go see the movie again. And you should too. Go to http://www.crouchingtiger.com to see tidbits of him. It was a brilliant brilliant film – amazing fights, amazing cinematography, a good storyline, and best of all the love and the passion between Jen and Lo and the parallel passion of the other two – wow.

That website lets you make your own trailers for it, so I made one, just using what I thought were the clips with Lo in them. The actual movie trailers are so so much better – and you might have already seen and drooled over them if you’ve been to the Deluxe Cinemas lately, or possibly the Rialto, but the clip I made can be seen here. And if that doesn’t work, sorry. But it was beautiful anyways. He’s a beautiful man – he can steal my comb then tie me up any day.

I wanna learn martial arts!

Yeah, so that was like, the highlight of my year I’d say. Heh. I smell like Midori now, but it’s not from drinking – it’s from Melon bubble bath that I got for Xmas. My parents are driving me a little mad, and there’s a suspicious bump on my neck (not to mention a three inch scratch from a finger nail across my belly) but that’s life innit? I was so happy to hear from Si that yes we can stay at his grandmother’s in Taupo I yelled out “Yes! Yes!” in the middle of Courtney Place.

I hope I have dreams about this movie tonight. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

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