So, it’s Waitangi Day. What are YOU doing towards our multicultural society? I umm drank tea AND coffee. That counts, right? I’m sureitdoes.

Today I’m feeling semigeeky because JeremyE is trying to teach me the fundamentals of php. I’m doing a lot of smiling and nodding and reaffirming that I know how to code Lingo, which isn’t strictly true, but you know, I have to stretch my geek cred as far as it will take me.

What else do I have to mention? Ben should be buying me Stuff right now but he’s not so he’s lazy. It’s really hot outside so of course I’m sitting inside being geeky. Excellent. Haven’t you finished my database yet? Geez, he told me he could build it in an hour. I guess ask too many stupid questions and hold up the process. Oh yeah, I’m going to have a database journal thingie, hopefully. This should be interesting.

That goddam evil summer plague that is Cricket is on again tonight and so no doubt Clay will be glued to the television with assorted friends. I was really disturbed that Shirley rang up and asked if we would be watching the cricket here. It’s okay for boys to watch that shit but girls? No no. I’m not down with that eh. And now I’m just rambling because I can, but what’s the bet that you’ll sit through it all now? I’d say the chances are pretty high eh. I have to ask, what the hell do you the reader get out of your hubris experiance?

Okay so it’s later and now I seem to be having a lot of trouble typing. Ben, JeremyE and I went on a road trip together to buy stuff and then I dropped Ben off at work. Him and Jeremy were ganging up and picking on me which I thought was just really really mean. What have I ever done to either of them that would warrant such treatment?

And again, it’s later still and my database still isn’t finished. Damn people napping! Also, I need to find out if saturn5 supports msql. I’m guessing that it does becasue I know how clever all those san fran kids are. Ha, if I keep throwing around programme language names will you all think I’m cool? Or just that I’m randomly waffling? You’d be so right in both cases eh. Oooh, we’re going to throw in different colour variables I think. I am SO getting the better end of this deal.

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