Why do tradespeople have to work such ungodly hours? Like today after crawling into bed at4am I was forced out of my room at 8am for the plasterer to sand down my walls, which was exactly what had happened on Waitangi Day, except this time I’d be prewarned and I wasn’t with a gentleman caller. Oh, and I was very hungover today. I took refuge in Clay’s bed, because he was already at work and because Ben was asleep on the sofa, but then I had to get up again two hours later to let the painters in. And now I don’tthink I’ll be able to sleep in my room tonight because it’s too smelly, which means sleeping in the lounge which means getting woken up at 5am when Ben comes home from work and then being forced awake later in the morning when he gets up to move all my furniture back into my room to make room for his party. Oh the humanity.

I have a couple of pimple type things on the back of my neck and they’re real sore and bugging me lots.

After finally achieving some sleep today, I got KateB to come and pick me up since my car was still parked at KateM’s. We went and had lunch at D72 on the way, and had big big big talks and now I feel very happy. It’s funny cos a little while ago, someone told me that they thought I was holding them at a distance and not letting them get to know me, which really suprised me cos I always thought that I was very very open. But I asked both Tom and KateB if they thought I was open, and they both told me that they don’t think I am. Apparently I just have a set of facts about me that I roll out at any oppotunity and am honest like that but i don’t reveal my true fears or anything. So there you go. I think I agree with their analysis.

So after lunch I went to visit KateM and we gossiped, as girls do, and that was cool. And then I came home and have been very sleepy. I watched ‘American Psycho’ again this evening and it made me really hungry despite the fact that I had a big slab of cow and pecan pie at lunch (which wasn’t really lunch because it was at 4pm after all, but that’s beside the point). And then Anji rang me to see if i was okay and I was able to tell her that I was better than okay, and that I’d be seeing her shortly cos I’m going to go to Welly with KateB on Tuesday night. YAY! I get to hang with the Welly Massive again, I’m so very excited.

Also, I got my AUT timetable in the mail today, and I have a motherfucking 8am lecture on friday mornings, which bites the big one, but I have mondays off, and only about 10 hours of classtime, so I guess I can’t complain too much now, can I? No.

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