I couldn’t be bothered rounding up any friends tonight, and I thought my fiance was going to be in town but he’s actually in Raglan, so instead I stayed at home and watched teen movies by myself. Now, that’s not actually as lame as it sounds. Well, okay, maybe it is. But I’ve still enjoyed myself immensely <!– oh yes, I enjoy myself on average  at least twice a day lately, but that’s beside the point –>. But anyways. The whole teen movie thing kinda promoted me into planning to write a disection of my life according to teen movie rules whilst I was watching American Pie, but then I watched Cruel Intentions 2 and it was so terrible and amusing that I lost my plot. It was a porn movie without any porn.

So yeah, afterthat I really can’t be bothered addressing the myths and traditions and all like I planned to. Besides, I think we all know that I’d just be writing it cos right now I have a craving for skin to skin contact that’s not being fulfilled. I want kissing! Dammit, why oh why did I pass my Slut-Stick on? (oh, and think of that like a relay rather than a vibrator please, like fuck I’d give up my purple friend). Although of course the girl that I passed it to fully deserved it and everything, and I’m so NOT calling you a slut, but you know that I do blame you for the fact that no one is putting out for me anymore.

I got approximately two hours sleep last night, and of course I once actually got to sleep, Ben came home and was loud and so i woke up and took ages to get back to sleep, grr. My alarm went off at 7.30am because I was supposed to go to an 8am class, but I realised there was no way that I could make it,so i txted Jinan to say I’d meet her at 10 in our office to finish off our Com Strat assignment and that’s waht I did, although my eyes were barely open. She accused me of being hungover,which wasn’t at all true – I don’t know why I couldn’t sleep last nioght, but eventually i got so bored of tossing and turning I got up and typed ten pages of notes taht I’d taken in three hours at Borders yesterday afternoon. So yeah anyways. We finished our com strat, and then I went to see KateH for the very last time at her current workplace and Cam called me Babe and I swooned and then I came home and slept for another four hours. This evening while I was watching some kind of wonderful, Clay came home very briefly to change his shirt and to bitch about Ben eating his food again (I’ve stuck signs up on the fridge and cupboards with this little ditty penned by Maree and typed by KateH “This is Joanna’s food – if you eat it you are rude – buy your own you lazy ass – you realyl have no class – love kate and Maz” and there’s a list of all my stuff he’s eaten that I want replaced stuck to to the TV, you can call this petty but it’s just fucking ridiculous, especially when his rent isn’t going through either). Anyways, what was I saying about Clay? Oh yeah, he was bitching, he changed, and he was out of the door before he was like “ohh whoops,” and so he came back to hug me, then left again. Heh.

I’ve just been onthe phone to Tom for a couple of hours, as we do, and he gave me the best compliment I think I’ve had all week – “I think you’d be a really excellent person to be stuck with on a desert island; you’d be good conversation, you’d probably be great sex, and you’d be good eating”. Excellent. Who cares if you’re ugly and no one loves you and you’re nto getting any action as long as there’s a couple of good steaks on you?

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