It’s back to the good old student tradition again whereby you have to miss all your actual lectures to stay at home and write your essays. I mean sure, there are probably more efficient ways for me to work, but i DO have to have frequent breaks. I didn’t do all that posture studying and physiotherapy for nothing, you know. Of course, the stress of the essay exagerates the pain and ache. Arrgh.

I offered Clay $5 to finish my essay for me and he just laughed at me so I offered him head and he said “now you’re speaking my language”. And yet I’m still writing my own essay. I think right now I’d probably give head for a really good arm and back and shoulder and neck massage. I’m worried that I’m going to have too many words and not enough source material for my essay. I’m also worried that amybe I haven’t completely understood the question, so I really should have been one of those typical horrible ‘mature’ students who sit at the front and ask a million fucking annoying questions until someone at the back of the lecture hisses “shut up!” because at least then I’d know that I was on the right track. But I dunno. I’m counting on the fact that my lecturer looks like the guy on the Wendys ads (the NZ Dave, not the dead one) and the fact that Wendys cures my hangovers and somehow those two facts will connect and result in me getting an A.

Eventually after I’d been working so hard I rewarded myself with a really loud orgasm cos it’s fun to be noisy sometimes and plus I thought I was home alone, but then when I went out of my room, Kara was sitting at Clayton’s desk pretending to be studying. She was embarrassed; I wasn’t. Later she asked me how I was and I said “really really excellent thanks” and smiled at her and she blushed. I was annoyed that he’d obviously left a key out for her though, or that she’d climbed in his window. It’d be nice if my house was just for me.

This evening I was watching ‘The Strip’ and feeling ill from eating too much Pad Thai with all the chilli flakes mixed in, when KateM rang my cellie. We yakked and yakked for ages and then I said “hang on, there’s someone at the door – it’s probably Kara again, grr”. So I grudgingly shifted my ass off the couch and found KateM herself standing on my doorstep, laughing her head off. I giggled a lot too. I like suprise visitors! You should all come up and see me some time. Well, assuming you know where I live, that is. And of course, just as long as you’re prepared to run the risk of me walking around the house pretending to be a Greek Goddess/beautiful movie star after a love scene.

Hmmm, when I was talking to Anji on the phone the other day she told me that her friend Gregor had been talking about me and said that he thought I was kinda strange because I’m very openly explicit in my conversation, and reading back through my journal entry today, maybe she’s right. I don’t really have any taboos, cos I figure if people don’t want me to talk about something, they shouldn’t bring it up. Anji said that she’d told him that if it intimidated him he should just tell me to shut up, but he said it was interesting. I guess I’m used to panda-ing to voyers (For example: Jason! we’re like, in the same circle but we’re not close, i find it really interesting that you’re reading me). I like pandas.

Right now I dunno if I should try and focus on my essay again, except I don’t think I’d be able to cos my arms are going numb, or try and sleep, except I drank coke today, or I could read. I wish Buffy reruns were on at 1am instead of 3am, it’d be so much better for me. I guess I have to make it in to my tutorial tomorrow cos our Com Strat is due. Jinan was supposed to be formatting it and doing it up all nice so I haven’t really got anything to worry about, except if she’s not there. I suddenly find myself full of Com Strat theory, which isn’t very helpful when it’s IMC essays that need to be done. Last night when I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t do my essay either I drafted up a Communication Strategy Plan as a semi joke for someone based on a conversation we’d had at lunch the day before. I kick ass. Really.

KateB’s proposed outfit for me to wear as her bridesmaid: “And I’ll make you wear a high necked, long sleeved apricot coloured crushed velvet minidress with a massive lime green lace bow on the arse, and baggy flesh coloured pantyhose, with white open toed “Kumfs” and a matching white velvet scrunchie for your hair. ” KateB kicks ass too, and so I’m waiting for her to give me the spanking that I apparently deserve.

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