Sunday the 22nd of April, two thousand and two

Today I got up, threw some clothes on and went out to buy a 21st present for Kara. Half an hour later, it was all done and I was home again. Yay for easy parking in Mt Eden, and generica Living&Giving gifts. Actually, I got her four different coloured Mexican glass Martini glasses, which is a pretty good gift, all things considered, and cheap too, especially since I was going halves with KateH. Of course, by the time Kate & I got to Sponge, an hour after the party had started, we got the last two drinks on the bartab, and all the food had run out too. Dammit! Louise used to say she had a formula for 21sts whereby what she’d spend on the gift was proportional to how much liquour she thought she’d get at the party, but of course, I wouldn’t use that formula! (Although if I was to, we just broke even). We stayed for a while, but the only person we knew there besides Kara was Clay, and they were all terribly well dressed Med students. KateH explained that O’Rourke people were very much like the cool kids in high school kinda attitude, so that was amusing.

And then we decided to walk home, KateH nagging me cos I was wearing my high heeled boots. We stopped off at the video store and rented “But I’m a Cheerleader!” then (I) hobbled on our way. Eventually she noticed that I was limping and let us take a Link bus home instead. It’s about umm a 40 minute walk? If I’d been wearing other shoes, I would have been happy, but I couldn’t take my boots off cos I’m not going barefoot down K’Road. I don’t think even Maree would do that! I don’t understand how people can wear heels on a regular basis. Anyways, so eventually we got home, and I made blackbean stirfry and we watched the video. I liked it, it made me laugh. After the movie ended, KateB rang, then KateH left, and then I called KateM. Have you all got them sorted yet?

Clay was making Kara’s 21st present in the evening. That boy goes to such extraordinary lengths to do sweet things. Like, because he can’t go to Europe with her this year, he’s taking her on a pretend tour – he’s marked off all the places they would have gone, and so instead he’s taking her out for an Italian dinner, bought her belgium chocolates, got her a Dahli calendar for Spain, an ‘Amelie’ poster for France etc etc etc. I swear, if they ever break up, she is NEVER going to be satisified with her next boyfriend, since he’s her first and he totally treats her like a princess. Hi, I’d like to be spoiled and coddled too. Just not by Clay outside of his capacity as flatmate and friend.

Later, I went up to where KateH was doing her Sunday night job, but when I rang the bell on the floor above her, a familar voice let me in – Justin was doing the show on the other station. After going to the 11th floor and waving to KateH who was still busy, I got back in the lift to go up to 12 to see Justin, except that it took me to 10, and stayed there. Damn building in lockdown! Luckily I had my cellie, so I could call Justin and get him to rebuzz me up. Anyways, so I hung with him in the studio for a bit, thumbing through The Truth, or The Sunday News, or whatever tabloid it was lying around up there. I asked Justin about his friend who’d had the party the other night and he was like “why do you wanna know?” and I was like “cos he’s cute and lives on my street” and he just gave me a look, so I said “Look Justin, surely you realise by now that you’re just our pimp” and he laughed and told me that the boy has a long term girlfriend. Oh well.

And then Justin said he’d drive me back to KateH’s house so I could pick up my car, and we went through a whole ringmarole (that’s SUCH an underused word, I gotta use that more often) to get back down to the 11th floor, but then Cess ended up driving us home anyways – or rather back to KateH’s. She had a cool old car named Betty and I sat in the backseat listening genuienly enthralled to gossip about people I didn’t know. Now I’m at home swapping text messages with my cousin Jacinta – it’s funny, we’re both the youngest, and we’re the wild ones in our families. Well, I guess Anji’s a little loopy sometimes, but yeah, it’s funny. I wonder if I ever taught her the magic card trick that used to infuriate her cos she couldn’t do it.

Now I would like to sleep. It’s not even worth me saying please though, because I think we all know it’s not going to happen. I would also like to stop being sore, this is starting to get more than a little worrying.

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