27 May, 2002

My Birthday Wishlist

  • cd burner
  • digital camera
  • polaroid camera
  • beauty products
  • makeup, especially lipgloss and eyeshadow in interesting colours ie: yellow (y’all know I’m one of the few people who could pull it off – my colouring ROCKS!)
  • warrant, registration, new small window (lefthand side) & rustwork for my car
  • drugs
  • liquor of any and all descriptions
  • a fabulous night out
  • candles
  • bed linen in bright colours – queen sized
  • a weekend away
  • skin to skin contact
  • cds – or vouchers
  • books – PR related, or chomsky, or Literature kinda novels ie: don’t shop in Whitcholls. Preferably ask Karen.
  • Bears. I like bears.
  • A ticket to san francisco
  • vouchers for food, clothing and anything else one can buy by voucher
  • Shoes from willowshoes.co.nz
  • a jolly good rogering
  • Toys! But I should probably chose these, unless you think you’re up to date enough on what i like.
  • Stripey or glittery socks
  • new innersoles for my birki clogs – in size 42. Or a new pair if you want, preferably a metallic colour.
  • a laptop
  • Love & affection (sure, take the cheapest option!)
  • cash
  • A record contract for the Heavy Jones Trio and then their cd
  • stuff off my amazon wishlist
  • Some more friends (not that there’s anything wrong with the ones I already have)
  • an ergonomic 3M joystick mouse
  • Anything else you feel like giving me
  • A thorough massage
  • A new cover for my Nokia 3210
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