Saturday June 15th

Happy Birthday Andee! I tried calling a couple’o times but the phone was always engaged (Nassy!).

Clay woke me up an hour earlier than expected to take him to the airport but that’s okay. The traffic was slow and crawly on the way there but actually it was nice to be driving again. On the way home I passed a shop with a big “SALE” banner hanging off it, so I went in and gave the shop woman style advice cos she was trying on her own products. Then she went away and another saleswoman told me that she had the same jacket that I bought on layby and wanted the skirt that I got only it has a pleat at the front and it was too long for her and if she’d had it taken up it would have lost the pleat. So yeah, I finally got a denim jacket and it’s SO NICE, really classily cut and thick material, not quite silvery but deep ink coloured, $125 down from $180, and I also got a long grey skirt with a little frilly pleat thing at the front down the bottom, which was $65 down from $130. Yay for new clothes! I haven’t had anything nice to wear lately and my social life seems to have picked up some so I really do need more stuff to wear out. And to work.

After that I swung by the supermarket for some stuff and bumped into Sarah from my course who told me she’d been studying hard all week – scary. And then since I was in the neighbourhood, I went to KateM’s, and she was actually home, yay! Nigel was there too, so we caught up and chatted and I gave them the fresh bread and pineapple juice that I’d just bought. Some people are so cheap. It was lovely to see her, as always.

I can’t remember what I did for the rest of the afternoon. It must not have been that significant. I wore my jacket a lot. Later I watched ‘The Magnificant Seven’ and found myself curiously attracted to Yul Brynner. I couldn’t go out because I had to wait at home to make sure that Bopha woke up in time for England/Denmark, so I actually did some study. I know, I’m astonished too. Whilst studying, I listened to both discs of Mellenchollie. I think I’m going through a grungeretro patch. Then it was time for the soccer, of course, and it was very exciting for a little while because I was backing England, but then it just got too easy so I amused myself writing down quotes from the commentator instead – “We’re not home to Mr Grumpy”.

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