Friday June 21st

It’s 3.27am (okay, so it’s Saturday) and I’ve just got home. I’ve had a kickass night! It began with Bopha and Leo and Laurence and Brazil/England (YAY! Brazil won!) and now it ended with Brad dropping me off after begging the bartender at Deschlers to make me Honeycomb cocktails (he looked it up in his rolodex). It was a good night. Becky was really cool. We won the soccer, did I say that already? Bridget sent me home from work early; apparentky I don’t have to make up hours I take off sick (that’s DANGEROUS knowledge) so yeah, I decorated Emma’s cake real pretty. The boys came over later – fuck, Laurence is the hell breaker, I am so impressed. He’s like 6’2 so at some stages he was hitting the lampshade with his leg swing arounds – wow. Can I just say wow again? Bops is all good at it too, I wish I knew how. And also, Brazil won, yay. I was like, so on the verge sometimes. Exciting. And then Brad and Becky came over and took me to Lumiere and The Supper Club and 76 and Oporto and Deschlers and now I’m home, and dude, aren’t you coming over now? xojo

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