The phone rang early this morning (ie, before 11am) and I was like “fuck I hate people!” only of course, it was Maree, who was ringing to ask what time I was flying down to Wellington, cos maybe she was on the same flight, and as it turned out, she was. I read the Herald and discovered that i was mentioned top’o the list in Sideswipe, so I cut the article out and stuck it to my wall with 3M® Scotch Tape. Bopha and I had lunch at a very nice newish cafe on St Benedicts Street, and then I packed and took a cab to Maz’s, and we took a taxi-chitted taxi to the airport and Maz was a spaz, and there was no leg room, and also, there was no window. But that was the first time i’ve flown not by myself since I was fourteen (oh I’m such a loner) so that was cool. Mum and Karen picked me up from the airport, adn we met my daddy at Astoria for a drink cos Anji was working there, and then went to Arizona for dinner. Karen and I both sent our steaks back, cos they were blacked adn dry and not at all medium rare, and it took an hour for them to bring us some water. I filled in the customer survey alright. But the steak was nice the second time around, at least. I am nearing my protein stage, I think. And now i’m home, and sleeeeepy and my wrists hurt, so no more stories for you.

Oh, and apologies to anyone who was in Arizona tonight who saw more than they wanted to when I flashed my boobies at my parents cos they asked.

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