Monday August 5th

1. So it has occured to me as I sit here starting to write that if I was to stop writing here then you would have to write to me to find out what’s going on in my life.

2. I was unable to find ANYONE to go out drinkign with tonight, and this is even after I told everyone that I had a $20 tab that i needed to spend TONIGHT. I wonder if it’ll still be valid tomorrow. I am prepared to cry at teh bartender if need be.

3. The problem with complaining to people that other people have been calling you a Crackwhore means that the people you’re complaining to will probably start doing it as well, especially if you’re both tired of working on your goddam PR report and the coffee you have fetched seems to just be making your mind not work at all. Oh my god I have so much work to do.

4. I got up early today so I could go shopping. I bought ten metres of crossover ethernet cable and then built us a network this afternoon (or rather, I connected the computers that T had put thingies on the other day – but I did have to turn ‘sharing’ on and stuff, so really, I am still Geek Chic), I got a denim skirt for me (cos the zipper on the one that I made from old jeans keeps coming down, plus this one is more respectable looking anyways, especially since it’s dark denim and semi matches my lovely jacket) and some Winnie-The-Pooh pajamas which I then promptly posted off to Karen. It’s her birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Karen!

5. Since no one would come out drinking with me, I have instead mastered the art of spotting by myself. And if Clay throws out my knives again, there will be hell to pay!

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