Friday August 9th

SEND: “Out w darling b friend BradM, but at bar where first pashed i first pashed J so having MAJOR flashbacks – why am I so repulsive that I can’t get any?”

Fridays always = 9am starts, which = scramble outta bed at 8.40 and rush to be there on time and yet I never quite seem to make it – even if I’ve given up getting coffee from the sandwich place on the way in, cos the Christian guy (he plays Life FM in the background) just takes too long to make it and isn’t very good. Work was long, and I had two meetings, and I had to make 30 more phonecalls, but hey, that’s my job so that’s cool, and I finally got them all done and am just waiting on callback confirmations. And oh yeah, I heard about yet more poeple who are applying for the same job as me, which is always fun. Not. At lunch I had a kickass salad from the Turkish cafe though, so that was excellent, discovering it to be a good place to eat – with magazines even. But yeah, day was loooong, the whole 9-5 tedium lifted a little by Gayle telling me a million times that I was dressed for a niteclub just cos my jersey was sparkly, and by Robert dropping by our office every five minutes to chat, and also to pass on vital information about CC Day to me, so now I am fully in charge of that event, scary. Plus, Terri was profiling someone today, and Bridget had spent ages hyping how cute he was, and she was so right. I like eye candy. Have I mentioned lately that I have mini-crushes on three boys named Daniel right now? As well as about a half dozen others. I started my zine today, entirely inspired by Robyn’s. It’s called “BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS”. Guess what it’s about.

In the evening i kept cooking my chilli which I started last night and ended up taking a saucepan full’o it over to KateH’s to eat dinner with her cos she was too sick to leave her house. We watched Shrek (halelooyah!) and gossiped about random people, and it was cool, except it was fucking cold and she was sick. And then I got text from Brad asking me what I was doing tonight and I got all excited at the prospect of him being in town, so I went home at the end of the video and my house was all psycho and full of fake milk and boxes cos Clay is shooting a short film here tomorrow, but then Brad came over adn we bonded and I was media savvy for him cos he doesn’t get that in The’Tane (oh, I’m going down there next weekend for a Masquerade party, we pinkyswore on it even), and we drank wine, and then Clay’s scary Christian/Knight worshiping friends left and Clay hung with uys, and also Boandleo, and that was cool and we guilttripped Clay into coming out with us and I’m sure the waiter at Deschlers was taking the piss, making me try the $19 bottle’o wine. Clay left and me and Brad hung out, and there was much amusing conversation, and then we decided to go to the Hobson Street Lounge cos he was in need of another cool bar. But when we reached the top’o Vulcan Lane, we could hear Creed’s ‘Higher’ belting outta somewhere, so we had to stop and raise our knees and make fists and sing it at the top of our lungs too. I think people took pictures of us. Fuck I love Brad. I told him the stripper story and he just about died, and IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT. He shoulda been in class for me to write notes to. But yeah, hiked up to Hobson Street Lounge,a nd we ended up sitting right next to where it happened, and that was a little weird for me, cos yeah, you were actually quite a big deal for me, but yeah it was still cool and we talked politics. And then we decided to go home, so we trekked up to Sky City cos I only had $5 cash, and I sat in the front seat so as not to scare Brad cos we’d been talking about making out in movign vehicles, and had to stop the taxi three minutes or so ahead’o my house, but it’s all good, and yeah, I only spent $24 tonight, which isn’t that bad at all. Hmmm. Fuck I need some financial control!

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