the days are just packed

Friday August 16th

Okay, so I’m more than a little busy right now. One sentence summaries for each day that I can remember:
Wednesday: client meeting then back home to bed with food poisoning and evil migraine to bliss out on codeiene and the rest of “American Gods”
Thursday: meetings, work, essay essay essay essay (til 2am)
Friday: up at 7am to finish essay, take it to tech and then run to work, where I worked fucking hard on complicated projects that require responsibility all day and still managed to add two pages to my zine, then home to KateH and fetafettucine and “Beat Street” – a brilliant movie to watch except on the wacky smoke like I was you may just end up screaming, and then I did a whole bunch’o ironing.

I’m going to The’Tane tomorrow to see Bradley and dress up like a princess, YAY. Ni ni.

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