Sunday September 1, 2002

Okay, so finally I have managed to actually get a decent amount of sleeping in done – for the first time in over a week I didn’t have to set an alarm, so I’m in a good mood, and maybe I can tell you a little bit about what I’ve been up to lately.

Work. That’s really all, eh. Going overtime on Thursday and Friday doing running around preparations for our major major event on Saturday. The fun and games on Friday included spending all afternoon luggign around furniture and breathing in cleaning fumes trying to arrrange spaces for all the displays because the janitors had decided to go home when we thought that they’d do the setting up for us. Super duper tiring, resulting in the ability to only do spots, drink red wine and take lots and lots of neurofen for my wrists when I got home. Oh, and watch videos. I watched ‘Almost Famous’ again and am now fully lusting for a rockstar. I watched ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ again and am now fully lusting for Daniel Cleaver. And I watched ‘Dude, where’s my car?’ again, and am now not actually lusting for anyone from it, although Kelso is kinda cute, obviously.

Yesterday being Saturday, I had to be at work at 9am for our major event which started in our area at 12.30pm. There was more running around and organising, but predominantly, I sat in the foyer and greeted people as they came in and answered questions and gave directions and smiled and smiled and smiled. We were left with a mountain of scones afterwards, cos I’d got catering for 100 for the people who were working behind the scenes. I was even told that I’d done a really great job, so I’m happy. i have to go to work on Monday for a debriefing and because Bridget is going away for a month on Tuesday. Hopefully sometime soon I will hear if I’m going to get Terri’s job or not – after Saturdya, when almost everything I’d been involved in went off without a hitch, I am feeling pretty competant, but we’ll see.

Anyways, so I got home around 4.30, and made plans with KateH to go out later that evening. We went to Sri Penang, because like I texted her “BYO dinners with Katie KICKASS” and then we came back here so she could eat scones, and we watched Bridget Jones again (we have all the videos now cos Clay is promoing them for his work). She told me off for not suspending my disbelief when I said that in real life, Bridget would have settled for Daniel the second time round and would have had her heart broken again, cos everyone knows that assholes are much more attractive, even if they’re far less healthy. Or maybe that’s just projecting, although I have actually been gooder this year.

And today Haley was supposed to come over at 1 to do our assignment, but she showed up at 2.30, and we gossiped for an hour and a half after a 10 minute discussion of our assignment which is worth 30% and is due tomorrow. But it’s okay, I’ll do my bits of it tonight and we’ll have two hours to finish adn assemble it tomorrow, and that’s enough. Right. Okay, bye for now. Oh yeah, I’m really fucking boring aren’t I? I think maybe I need something exciting to sweep me off my feet – but I need that exciting thing to call me in advance so I can scheduale it in cos I am verrrrrry busy still.

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