4 October, 2002

So, while I’m drunk enough and also happy enough, I might give you a brief heads up. I’m really tempted to not to though, because oh for fucks sake, can people misunderstand me just a little bit more? Am I really that obtuse? I’m considering shutting down Hubris once and for all. I thought I was clearer and easier to understand on paper, but apparently not. It just really fucking bugs me, eh.

BUT! Here’s another list:

  • If you search for “Wellington Gay Drum’n’Bass Massive” on Google, my site will appear second. This explains some things.
  • You won’t remember this, unless you were in my class with me, but when we were in Second Year, we always used to use the computers in the Journo room for our assignments, except sometimes this horrible 3rd year Journo student used to lord it up over us and kick us out really bitchilly. Guess who got Terri’s job at work – you know, the one I applied for, for the role I have to work with every day that I’m in the office. Oh yes.
     <!-- and she's even more annoying in person in real life. the next two months are gonna be HELL -->

  • I wish I could write little semi invisible comments all over other people’s sites. This goes for a whole universe of people
  • My computer has decided that it won’t connect to the Internet unless I have hooked it up to Bo’s computer first, despite the fact that this is my dialup machine. Hi, anyone wanna do a reinstall for me?
  • Diet Coke with a lemon twist tastes really nasty and rancid, because the lemon makes it smell like industrial cleaner. Other than that, I think I can pretty much make the switch to diet coke – the regular kind, that is. If I crave Vanilla Coke, I can just add vanilla essence.
  • I thought for a while that maybe I fucked up really badly, and that’s why we weren’t friends any more, but it’s really you that has no concept of friendship and loyalty and stamina, isn’t it? One strike and you’re out.
  • Actually, I’d been seriously thinking of putting in to place a “three strikes and I give up” policy on people who don’t return texts or emails or phonecalls. I make allowances for people on prepay though, and people who I know who are really busy. But actually, that’s really lame isn’t it? I might just revert to being introverted instead.
  • Today was Terri’s last day, and so we drank bubbly in the sun in the Domain at lunchtime and proceeded to the pub just after 4pm, while I was still dazed (my job has been officially acknowledged to be “Sit and Look Pretty” after I reported back in a team meeting that really, that’s all I’d done all week and everyone just laughed and said well, it’s a hard job to do) and I just got home just a little bit ago, sometime around 10.30, and there was a photo of a nekkid snow-woman in my letterbox, and I was SO confused cos there was no return address on the envelope, and then I figured it out – thanks Cous – hope you enjoy the zine. The pub was great, especially when strange boys from Warkworth bought me drinks, maybe in an effort to redeem my opinion of their town but probably not. But hey, free liquor is free liquor. Doesn’t mean that it’ll win my heart over when it comes to the new girl in our office though.
  • Some of the people in my Faculty are actually really cool, but FUCK I will miss Terri. She said I was a sweetheart and had been really good to work with when I left. Bridget and her both cried a lot. So did Gayle.
  • OOS is back with a vengence along with the big capital D and all that other fun stuff. Oh, new this time round – smell-induced panic attacks. Choice.
  • I’ve managed to come to grips and terms and stuff a little bit, and I’ve decided to drop my PR Practice paper, because it was that or fail all my papers, and that’s the one I’m already credited for.
  • I am trying to take better care of myself. I am trying to take better care of myself. I am trying to take better care of myself. I am trying to take better care of myself. I am trying to take better care of myself.
  • Inspired by insomnia and also a little bit of a “grrr!” feeling caused by people over-rating themselves, one morning around 3am, I sat down and wrote a list of all the people that I have had crushes on in the past five years. There were four boys named Daniel. There were three boys named Mike. There were boys and girls. There were people I’d scored. There were various Internet layabouts. There were over 50 people on the list, some who would freak out if I told them that I had a crush on them, and many who wouldn’t. That included a grand total of one person that I’ve been in love with, who left me, and one person who I fell for, who thought that I was good enough for a fling but not a relationship. And a whole bunch’o other flavour’o the week or night or hour people.
  • Actually, maybe I would be able to get away with my own brand of being totally straight up if I was skinny and pretty.
  • Actually, I’m fucking cold.
  • Actually, I think Bo really is a crack whore, and we ACTUALLY use the word ‘actually’ far too often.
  • We went on a crazyass hypo mission last night to Briscoes. Consequently – I HAVE NEW BED LINEN! YAAAAAAAY! She claims that bed linen will be the downfall of the Western Society. I like the way she thinks.
  • Love and respect and thoughts out to LP. <!– i hate that bad things happen to the best people –>
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