May 16, 2003

I made this cake last night. Well actually, I didn’t make the actual cake but I cut it and assembled it and all of that. It’s Ngawai’s birthday today and I wanted to do something nice for her cos she always does The Running Man for me to cheer me up. She is a girl racer, hence the Car Motif. Oh yes, it is a car. Really.

She wrote me this email in return:

That was the nicest thing anyone has every given me for my birthday. I was trying to explain the exact same thing last night to my partner. How gifts dont always have to be bought, and money isnt what I need, its just Time and thought that goes a long way, and is truely appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a true friend. Have a lovely day, cause i know I will now that you have made me such a thoughtful, and very beautiful cake.

Despite my sake hangover, I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

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