July 15, 2003

Given that I’m so bored right now I just said to Annabel that I wish I had a splinter so at least I could entertain myself pulling that out I guess it makes sense that I try to update Hubris. Now the question is where to start. I might ask her.
“i guess there’s stuff you can’t really talk about properly” But when has that ever stopped me in the past? Actually a lot more than you’d realise.

Chains of events have been kicked into place by chance sightings and lots of shots to cover the shock. The world travels around in circles eventually. Blow jobs heal all wounds? Not quite but hey, the free liquor sure is nice. HA! You don’t know what I’m talking about now do you? Or maybe you do, in which case, why do you need to read my journal anyways? There’s a reason why I drive a beige car and it’s for its inconspicuousisity. Actually that’s a lie – I drive a beige car because that’s what was found for me. But it’s not like a pair of silver shoes sighted under a toilet door. Tehehe.

And I don’t even need to mention the fact that I KNOW that I made up words in the last paragraph do I? Unlike Jez’s flatmate who said that he was “insuccessful” at something and wondered why I laughed so hard. Jez is gone now, like Ammy, lured away by the demon OE. Circle of Life continues. Tides ebb and flow. Dear god now I sound like a fucking hippy.

We’re having a Meet Market party on Friday. I want lots of random people to come because that would be amusing. If you live in Auckland, email me and I will give you the address. Chances are it may just be handfuls of us because Darren hasn’t got around to doing the invites yet, slacker.

Work is stupid right now. I am unable to articulate myself clearly. Things are up in the air. I dreamt about my workmates – we were organising the Onslow School Fair. How depressing.

My flat is once again got a vacancy. I need to pay the bills before everything gets cut off. Dammit, maybe I should try to kick this crack rock addiction once and for all. Or maybe not. Placebo are playing Auckland on Saturday and I can’t afford to go, but I’d already decided not to anyways. Fancy me actually paying for something. Scandel. Hehehe my receptionist described me as scandalous. Actually so did Allison.

I did a day and a half first aid course so now I can do CPR and all that good stuff. It made me scared of everyone else’s mortality though. Also it really bugged me because we were taught that it’s really not a good idea to give CPR to someone without a barrier, and the instructor said that there was no way in hell that he’d do it, but hello, if you’ve ever kissed a stranger (and if you look at the stats page in my zine, you’d know taht I’ve kissed one or two. Oh no wait, that page was just the people i fucked the first time i met them, kissing rates may be even higher. Let me analyse. Hmmm. Actually, there’s only about two people that i kissed the first time I met them who didn’t get to at least third base, so disregard) that’s for FUN, and yet you wouldn’t do something similar to save someone’s life? I’d like to think that I jolly well would. Otherwise what’s teh point in being loose?

I might just save and upload this now before I get too bored. I’m sorry, I don’t really have much to say. I had the mother of all bawling sessions on Sunday night, which gave me a thoroughly good pipe cleaning. There has been A LOT going on in my head lately. It gets a little complicated sometimes being me. Then again, I’m also sure that sometimes it’s complicated being you too.

Oh and COUS! Happy birthday for a couple’o days ago and email me, you runnerawayer you!

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