All your database are belong to Heather

What the? What happened to the blue? What happened to the flowers and the drop down menus? What is this…. new content? Surely not…

Well no. The writing/reading/listening/watching stuff is all things I have written for other publications. Once I write some, there will also be drinking and eating sections, and the adding section will be for things that don’t fit elsewhere. I have things from Pulp to add to the writing section, but for now, since that issue is still on sale, you oughta go buy it. In fact, go buy a couple of copies. Rock.

I must give mad happy shoutouts to the darling Heather who built this for me and sorted out hosting and all that jazz too. While I’m riding on the mad props float and tossing out the sweet sweet props candy, I must also throw some to O + s5 for having me for so long. Rock!

Dammit, that’s two paragraphs I ended with “rock”, even if the second one was more excitable. That’s not very rock’n roll of me. Blues!

In non-cyberspace news, I’m settling in very well to my flat, having been there almost a whole month now, and am currently thanking my lucky stars that I got out of my parents’ house when I did. There have been angry emails flying around and assorted coldness and drama which I really don’t feel like putting up with.

As far as feelings-wise go, well, I’m doing okay. I’ve been cry-y lately, but that’s cos I’m on the bleed (and what an almighty bleed it is too, this time). I do feel lonely sometimes. I do worry that I’m never going to be with anyone decent, and I worry when I get hit on by morons twice in one week at Indigo that I’m going to snap and give in just because I can’t take the echoing inside my heart anymore and that the whole experience will leave me more jaded and bitter, but I’m doing my best to rein in those impulses. Rein? Reign? Control. Yeah. At least if I vanish off the face of the planet Hubris will remain as a record that I existed, and the fact that you’ve just spent 2 minutes reading this will mean that I mattered. Oh yeah baby, I’ve just mattered you reaaaaaaaaal good.

Also: please feel free to email (jo at hubris) me in broken things and stuff – of course all the kinks are still being ironed out (because we wouldn’t want to have negro-esque hair now, would we?)

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