Living the Good Life

Because that’s what having a living section is all about, right?

So when did I last make a solid post? Hmm, Friday? Well.
Heather’s been in town, as you probably know, and that has meant much funness and socialising. It’s funny how having friends from out of town in town means that you see your friends who live here more anyway. Or even, in Heather’s case, how you meet up with friends from your town in someone else’s town. Yeah.

So last Thursday I bused down to the far end of Lambton Quay to meet up with Heather and Xtian and Alice at Astoria. After one drink, the place was closing, so we trekked back up to their house, which is near the Courtenay Place end of town, from where I’d just passed through from the Nu’Town. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a whining little weiner, but maaaan, the inefficient useage of my time hurts! Nevermind. The corporate end of town was really empty, which was cool cos we got to play Night of the Comet or some such other zombie movie, and it reminded of perhaps my greatest ever walk through town one Xmas Night with a boy who I fancied big lots, when there was ABSOLUTELY NO ONE around, cos it was 4am on Xmas day, or the day after, or something, and so there weren’t even any cars, and I was all like hmm, I think we’re going to have to repopulate the world, and then he started talking about cockroaches. Nice one. It’s funny now when I see him cos he’s got a bad laugh and doesn’t put the usual conversational pauses in when he’s talking, and I’m just like, wow, did I really fancy you that much? Nevermind. Where was I? Oh yes. So we got wine, and food from Phonecian Falafel and took it back to Xtian&Alice’s, (on a side note, their falafel is crap, which is amusing since it’s in their name, but the rest is good), and ate and drank for a while. Then Heather had a power nap and I went and used Xtian’s computer so as to give all the flatmates quality time together to have their Flat Xmas. There were many gifts of lightsabres and freakyass robots called Ramon. Jessie arrived and we had beer before deciding it was about time we got our asses out onto the street.

So, we got our asses onto the street, and I proceeded to break all my New Year’s Resolutions. Nice work that girl! We stopped at Jam, and since Heather had already lit up a cigarette, I went in to buy her a drink. I’d never been to Jam before, but it seemed pretty cool – they had a live two piece (?) playing, and although I didn’t get it, they had Brown Brothers wine sitting on their shelf, and I love Brown Brothers. So there. But we were sitting on squabby things outside, which made me feel really short, especially since Courtenay Place was bustlingly busy for 11.30pm on a Thursday night. I guess it’s partly with all the dirty filthy smokers having to be outside, ha ha. Anyways, after Heather had finished talking to the random stranger who was smoking with her, they made me knock back the rest of my wine which I’d been trying to savour, and we left for Rouge to meet up with her friend Hugh from Auckland. But Rouge was shutting, so we didn’t get to experience its $1.2 million dollar interior (according to Cuisine anyway), and instead we headed off to Good Luck.

I had never been to Good Luck before but I liked it instantly and was seduced by a Concubine which was excellent and then a Cheeky Darkie who was sort of average and I really must go back some time and drink all of the rest of the cocktails. I might do a proper bar review soon, I’m sure it’s time for a new one, so I’ll just say that we sat and gossiped and then Hugh showed up and he was nice, and he bought me a drink which earns anyone massive props, and then I violated my New Year’s Resolution yet again and bought a whole round of drinks without telling anyone, but by then Hugh had gone and Jessie didn’t want her beer, so I had to drink three drinks, which hey, isn’t any great hardship. And then I took a taxi home. Wow, the cat fight entries were a lot more interesting than that, weren’t they? Yes, yes they were. Plus, they were a ratings bonanza like you wouldn’t believe. And if you’re wondering how that violated my New Year’s Resolutions, well, I bought drinks for people, and I also turned down an invitation to go out the next night (oh yeah, apparently I wrote that I was going to accept all “introductions” rather than “invitations” – well I think that’s some writing gremlin hacking my page). Okay, so I didn’t lose any friends, so I guess I’m doing not too bad.

Anyways, what else did I get up over the past week? Friday I wasn’t capable of much at all, suprisingly enough. On Saturday I went to Karen’s for dinner and was greatly amused by her amusing flatmates, and she cooked me risotto with asspairograss, which is yum. Then we went to see Pluto, Goodshirt and Goldenhorse – or I suppose, more specifically, I went to see Pluto and Karen went to see Goodshirt. Pluto were SO FUCKING GOOD. Milan was even sober enough to stand up straight, which is quite exciting. The crowd fucked me off though, talking and all. I wanted to put my fist through many people’s heads. Instead I came home and wrote My Gig Manifesto. Pluto didn’t play ‘Perfectly Evil’ which is a shame, but they DID play ‘On Your Own’ so I suppose that will have to satiate me for the next month. Goodshirt were also good. I’m not a huge Goldenhorse fan, and by that stage we were both so hot and squashed and sweaty that we decided to leave instead.

On Sunday I was so broke and cupboard-empty that I got my mother to invite me over to dinner. My father has just bought a 32inch LCD TV and recordable harddrive DVD player, and was very keen on showing it off to me a lot, so we watched most of Season One of ‘Black Books’ which I had given to Mummy for Xmas. I also gave her The Darkness which apparently she is loving. Go Mum!

Then on Monday, I watched “Texan Teen Virgins” and wrote this commentary:
This doco spooks me out. Apparently, according to a nurse in this Texas city of Lubbock, lots of kids are having anal sex, because they consider it to mean that they’re still keeping their virginity. Of course, in Texas, it’s illegal to teach kids about anything but abstinence, so mmmm diseasey. Then there’s the preacher who says that having sex out of marriage costs you emotionally (okay, I can buy that one), physically (well, maybe if you taught them about safer sex…), mentally (again, okay), but FINANCIALLY? Ummm, what? Can I say that again? WHAT? How does sex affect you financially – I mean, assuming you’re some horny teenager and you’re not paying for it, of course.”Promoting promiscuity is promoting death in this day and age”. The preacher guy is all about how condoms are synthetic, so the fibres aren’t close enough together, so they go both ways. Riiiiiiiight.
“Despite the rates of abstinence, Lubbock has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease in America….”
I have absolutely no moral problems with people waiting until they’re in love to have sex. In fact, I really really hope that people do. The idea of waiting until you’re married seems a little weird to me, because surely you wanna try before you buy? But the whole culture of fear, and being taught that sex is wrong and dirty and all that, and then you get married, and you’re both inexperienced, and you don’t know what to do – like, woah! I mean, isn’t your wedding day supposed to be stressful enough without having to worry about the honeymoon? On the show, the couple who are going to get married are getting sex tips from their pastor. Ummm, ewww. Especially since he’s describing men as microwaves and women as
slow cookers. I can’t believe the narrator hasn’t burst out laughing – or put her fist
through the pastor’s head. I’m big on putting fists through heads right about now – or wanting to anyway.

And then yesterday I made peanut butter stew, which is much yummier than it sounds, using black eyed beans as the main ingrediant. Mmmmtasty. When I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, there was a loud popping sound, and the lights fizzed out. Okay, I thought, the bulb has blown. Turns out the lights all over teh house weren’t working. That freaked me out a little, although luckily i had a lamp in my room that plugs into the wall, and for some strange reason the lightbulb in K’s room was still working. But I was of course the only one home, and Seb was outside, and so it was scary and I couldn’t sleep for ages. Then I dreamt that all the electrics were fixed.

This morning I got up, walked down the stairs and saw the switches box, and thought “ooh” and opened it up and pushed in the thing that was sticking out marked “lights” and the lights came back on. Hurray! I am a l33t electrician. The only other thing of note today is that I had “cinnamon toast” flavoured microwave popcorn. It was suprisingly yum.

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