I’ve got a theory – it must be bunnies.


Last night I
went out TO
(heavy organing) The PHANTom
of the OPera

I wasn’t QUITE
prepared FOR
of SINGing
that THE movie
would conTAIN

I cannot STOP
Thinking of everyTHING

I knew too many of the songs
They went on far too long
I blame KateB
For surely it was she
and her family who ingrained them in my head.

(change in pace)

Where are my socks?
My socks, they are gone!
No no, you fool
Your socks, your socks
they are here

Give me my socks!
I must cover my feet with them
Cover your feet!
You must cover your feet!

But it is too hot for socks today!

(extended dance sequence, flashy editing)

If there’s ever a next time
And I hope you get the chance
I must remember
That I hate musicals
But what about Moulin Rouge?
That was different
But how was it different?
The songs, they were current.
The singers, they did not talk through song
But what about ‘Singing In The Rain’
Again, they sang extra to the story
Not to drive it along
Drive it along
Drive it along
But what about Buffy?
Bite your tongue you foolish voice!
Buffy is Buffy & they had no choice!
There was no a trace of humour
In that goddawful movie
I’ll trace your humour
I bet you’ll trace it real good too.

(new song)

My client, she called me up
My client, she told me
She was slipping into something more comfortable
My client, she plied me with wine
My client, the meeting was fine

(new song)
The heat is opressive
The sun is impressive
It makes me want to hide
And sit in the shade outside
But you complain of the cold!
I wouldn’t be so bold
But you complain when it rains
And no doubt I will do again

(arm flourish)

Tonight in the dell
If all should go well
Phoenix Foundation
Will cause a Sensation
But I’ll probably stay at home

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